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Author Comments

Hello this is updated version of my first blammed submission Bugs are fixed It will help you on how to download games from internet and play offline..................
There is also fun section with 2 games to play
Rate fairly
as i am a very begginner
hello in second Game you can press S to shoot which is just for fun as mentioned
one more thing which is you can triple jump by pressing D



download games....5/5 10/10!


Not really helpful. This is something you should be able to figure out anyway, and it only applies to Internet Explorer, which only about half the Internet is using anymore

ankitsarva4 responds:

what the fXXX you are doing here

Kinda weird but it's cool

not bad at all not good but not bad either soo keep it up dude !

ankitsarva4 responds:


Overall, not too horrible.

Also not too good. You're a beginner? Let me give you some advice:
1. Pick a real goal, something that strikes you as awesome. Maybe a game, or, yeah a game.
2. Break you goal down into a list of parts to complete and order them from most basic to most advanced. (ie. basic operation of game to, say, medals)
3. Tackle the list in order - ask for advice on any steps you can't figure out.
4. When all the major parts of your project are working, back up look at it as a first-time player. Then let some other folks test it. Then fix what ever is wrong with it. I suggest at minimum 3 attempts at refining the completed project before posting it.
5. Now show it to the world.

Alright, that was my helpful bit. Now for the not-so-nice stuff.
Are you serious? This thing is just short of horrible! I'd be embarrased to claim this work, and I'm a relative beginner! Maybe no-one ever taught you to have any shame in a half-done job?
Anyway, your mega-man movement script is a potential start - use that to begin working on something like a platformer. Figuring out the code for the rest of the elements of a game isn't too difficult. Assuming the code I saw in action here wasn't just stolen, you do have some potential, just keep working at it and don't show your work quite so early.


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ankitsarva4 responds:

Thanks I will Try more Harder

There is much to fix

The 'main game' is poorly done. A lot of the time it hurts the eyes to read (drawn red letters on a blue background is a bad, bad idea), the grammar and spelling is messed up.

The minigames don't work, at all. Megman doesn't shoot, and I'm not even sure what the point of the first game is, all I know is you have to right click and pick a forward or back command to get out of it.

Finally, tutorial flashes, even well done ones, do NOT go well in newgrounds, if you want decent ratings you have to make a good (or at least, popular) video or game.

I do have to say though, that apart from a desperately needed change of font style, colour, and spelling, this tutorial does instruct 'noobs' on exactly what must be done to download SOME games. So the base of the idea is solidly there, but it still needs a lot of work.

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ankitsarva4 responds:

the games in tut are not that secret so for navigating you can also use right click
You can change also change background

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Credits & Info

1.94 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2010
2:06 AM EDT