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The Tween/Easing Tutorial

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There are two tools in flash that are very useful and I wanted to provide a tutorial on them.

Tweening and easing are two things most animators use. They each have their reasons and I am going to go over how to use each in this tutorial.

This tutorial is designed for people who know where things are in the flash program, but need help utilizing them.

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The mute button wasn't big enough

to stop that music. This was TL and I DR. It was just bad.

Great, I'll use this.

By the way, use one of my songs in your next tutorials. You won't regret it.

sorry for the 5

In domos review I accendently gave you a 5 and im real sorry about that so maybe this extra 10 won't dum down the score

Good work

I like the fact that you've added the mute button now - it really helps when I'm trying to pay attention to what's going on, as opposed to the music itself. Even though the music is good, you've probably got it set a little loud for my liking.

Still, enough about that, as the flash is what we're concerned about. You've done another good job with conveying the instructions simply and concisely. What did bug me though was the 90 degree angle you chose for the pendulum - it was too much. Most natural pendulums swing at an angle of closer to 45 degrees, perhaps 50-60, if they're lucky, but usually no more. A little niggle, I know, but I love my physics :P

As you pointed out in the first tutorial, with your tweens, the physics of a train slowing down is great for an example - why not show the really advanced stuff of a train hitting something on the track, slowing down and carrying on?

Keep up the great work!

[Review Request Club]

Nice tutorial.

I found this to be helpful, it's an essential guide for beginner animators. It doesn't only explain by chunks of text, but uses pictures and example animations as well. I think it's kind of underrated in fact, I think it deserves at least 3.80 or something.

The problem is that the interface is kind of bland. White text on black background is something that everyone can pull off. If I were you (assuming you have Flash 8 and up) I'd make use of filters--without overusing them that is--and I'd put the color mixer to good use.

The navigation is nicely done, I don't have much to say about that.

I liked the music choice. It's catchy and encouraging, though it may get stale after a few minutes. I didn't like how you have to restart the flash to replay the music. As far as I know, the code to how to mute music is as simple as having it turned on again. You might want to look into that.

Out of 10 points, I deducted 1 for the blandness, and 1 for the mute button. I deducted no more as it's a good tutorial and that's all that matters.

8 out of 10, 4 out of 5. Keep up the good work, I'd like to see and review your other flashes.

~Review Request Club

Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2010
7:46 PM EDT