Drexids Lands P.1

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This is literally my first movie and the very first part with tyler smoking is my very first animation. It took me four months to finish Drexids lands part one and two. Im going to release part 2 in a few days from now. I split them up because the file was 12 mb. Ranyo was a resident of Cagot a city that was taken over by drexid to be made into a supercity. The rebellers of cagot got wipped out and fled to the outskirts of cagot with few remaining.
Thanks and this is going to be the first of a long series.
Enjoy :D


Not a bad start

This flash isn't a bad start to a series, but it does need a lot of work to be a good series. The art for one, is not very good. Try practicing a lot more, you'll get better as you go for sure. The voice acting seems like it's low quality, almost as if you recorded it in a Tupperware container. Regardless, there is much work to be done, but it isn't a bad start.

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kevinseven11 responds:

This is my very first drawings ive ever drawn on flash, trust me its gonna get good :D and the audio is going to be a challenge but ill do what I can.

A nice start

I like the storyline. The animation is okay but some of the voices seemed muffled at times. I would say work on that and maybe try to make the animation more fluid. That's all I can say about it, good work.

kevinseven11 responds:

Alright im going to fix the voices by the second episode and im working on improving the drawings but ill get better with practice.


First, check your spelling. The plural of city is cities.

Second, the art sucks. Take 20 minutes and try to draw somethink which doesn't look like it was made by a 5yo.

Good luck next time.

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kevinseven11 responds:

Lol come on too much criticism? Ill think about what you say tho

voices and graphics need to be fixed

the plot is good, make the words go slower, it's alittle hard to read them when they're going 80 miles an hour then slowing down for 3 seconds. Like I said, make it better, improve on it, it's a good idea, just, you need some more help with it is all. If you need some good sfx, I know exactly where to get some, pm me if you need any.

kevinseven11 responds:

I didnt realize they go fast, im not a fast reader but I never realy thought about that, ill pm you about the sfx.

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