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click a block to destroy it.
help red to climb out.
don't let red drown.
you will fail.

This game evolved from the idea of a tetris-alike with the central action being the destruction rather than the manipulation of bricks. I tried to marry that with a glitched-out retro aesthetic, and a sense of painful inevitability (which I'm surprised few block-falling games have dealt with). Oh, and there's a kind of neat (but sadly occasionally as glitchy as the graphics) highscore replay feature that I spent faaar too long implementing.

Hope you enjoy it. If you do you might want to check my website http://jonathanwhiting.co m/ which has a handful of, well, (largely unrelated) games.
Jonathan Whiting

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Not boring for like 0.1 seconds.


not good, yet not bad eather

jeez, harsh critics

I like old fashion graphics, but you don't need to go all the way back to monochromatic blocks! I liked the concept, but it definitely could use a bit of variety, peanutTechno gives some great advice in terms of bosses, power-ups, etc.

The one thing I would do in terms of gameplay would be the ability to stop red from jumping down ten stories, eithermake him automatically tun back when at the top of massive cliffs or (probably better) have user able to set points where he should stop.

keep up the good work, try for newer graphics, (SNES style would probably be manageable and cool looking) and don't give up


peanuttechno guy to long but i cinda aggre with you yeah bad graphis (got that right) :p fail alot better if you can control this idiot i keep smasing him so whatever so long i dont want to read the rest of peanut techno guy.

It's OK

1)Nice concept, although there are a few problems:

a)Bad Graphics
b)If there's 1 thing I hate more than the fact that you can't control the speed of the blocks, it's the fact that you CAN'T CONTROL THE RED GUY!! It would be nice if you could control the red guy using the arrow keys instead of him moving left to right.

2) YOU MUST CREATE A SEQUEL TO THIS.When you make a sequel to this:

a)There MUST be better graphics.
b)There MUST be Difficulty setings where Speed of falling blocks depends on difficulty.
c)There MUST be 2 modes the first being the sequel and Tetris Mode being able to survive a game of Tetris,blocks and all (Including the ability of the blocks being able to rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise just like in Tetris)
d)There MUST be Powerups
e)There MUST be a Health Meter
f) There MUST be Bosses at the end of EACH Level(Some that you have to race to survive,some that you have to hit,some that you have to hit with specific powerups,and a Final Boss that you must race to survive,hit with a specific powerup, and must have AT LEAST 3 ATTACKS THAT CAN KILL YOU IN 1 HIT!)
(Total of 151 bosses,counting the Final Boss.)
g)The Final Boss MUST be fought in a never-ending Tetris Mode level.
h)The Final Boss must have ONLY 5 ATTACKS!
i)There should be 150 Levels!
j)There MUST also be 6 Secret Modes once you complete the game (The 1st being Survival Mode, seeing how many Levels you can pass before dying,the 2nd being Boss Endurance,where you see how many Bosses you can beat IN ORDER without dying,the 3rd being A Scrambled Survival Mode,being the same as Endurance mode but with all the Levels in random order except for the Last Level,the 4th being Scrambled Boss Endurance,being the same but fighting the Bosses in random order except for the Final Boss,the 5th being Scrambled Mirror Survival mode,the same as Scrambled Survival mode except mirrored,and the 6th being Scrambled Mirror Boss Endurance, the same as Scrambled Boss Endurance except mirrored.)
k)There MUST be Awards!
l)The Sequel MUST be named Crush'd 2

3)The only reason I rated this so high is because I'm a nice guy!


Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2010
3:07 PM EDT

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