TOFA OpenR: Backwards Day

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Here's my incomplete TOFA submission.
I looked frantically on the TOFA site, and there didn't appear to be a submit button.
Didn't use any music in fear of being disqualified.

Follow through with the contest @ albinoblacksheep.com
Note: I didn't make the first round with this one. Hopefully I can spend more time (& better allocated time) on my animation next year.


even tough you ran out of time

i got to admit you used some major creativity in this flash, you've done an excellent job up to the point where the flash got butchered, 10 outta 10. Here is a tip since you couldnt finish the flash you should make it look like the flash is erasing itself that way the butchered part would fit in...

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IntoTheFuturr responds:

Thanks for the review. This thing was left till the last three days of the contest, with only ideas up till that point. The final scenes were done five minutes before I submitted it, to at least get the ideas out.



it looked really good, but for me to understand the story behind it I'd have to watch the final version

IntoTheFuturr responds:

The theme is supposed to be "opposite day" (officially "backwards day" for the contest).


I'm not sure what to say here... It starts out fine and seemingly logical. It makes sense at first, then... What the hell happens? A BP oil station..? FIFA? Style collapses miserably. Makes me doubt that you made this, or put effort into it.

IntoTheFuturr responds:

Those were my unused ideas in the end. Guess the style really changes.
Here's what happened.
This flash was due at 12:00 AM (you could tell I submitted it late).
I decided to sketch the final two scenes the final ideas in at 11:55 PM, with 5 minutes to spare.
Didn't like the final two scenes though? I thought it was the best part about this flash :P Sorry about the lack of effort, and thanks for the comment.

And yes, it was the English team in FIFA 2010; I forgot to change the BP gas station to absorb the leak, and planned to also make a reference to the recent flotilla incident on the Mediterranean. Good eye. The guides for the first few scenes were from photos I took at the University of Alberta campus.
The theme of this flash was "backwards day", hence the things "falling" up for our female artist, the BP station re-floating, and Green getting his butterfingery ball back.

great animating

finish it!!

Finish it, PLEASE!!!

It started out so good, and then it just went to crap, LoL. Find the time to finish it up.

IntoTheFuturr responds:

Possibly will find time, but no guarantees. Thanks for the response. The contest is over though :(, and I possibly already disqualified myself by submitting to Newgrounds (although it wasn't with the rules, it was somewhere along the thread that I didn't read).

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3.22 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2010
12:18 AM EDT
Comedy - Original