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Jax vs Reptile IG

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Directions: You play as Jax [Left] vs Reptile [Right]. To play, simply wait for buttons to pop up on the screen and click them as quickly as you can. If you fail to click quick enough, Reptile will freely attack you. When Reptile is about to attack, a block button will pop up, clicking this quickly will result in a successful block and you taking no damage. If you don't click it, you will be struck with a move.
There is a number also on the right side of the screen, that is your special meter. When it reaches 19 or more, it will trigger your special move, quickly click under Jax's feet to do your special.

Take down Reptiles life before yours reaches 0.

Then, perform your fatality.


Time took - 14 hours.
Sprites taken from MK Warehouse
Sounds taken from Total Mortal Kombat
Song - Mortal Kombat Theme Song

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i love this game

The short click range sucked but ounce you get past that great game

This game makes me very happy. The special move was a nice touch. Brought out jax's true potential. That fatality made me very happy. A good way to pwn reptile is to keep the mouse over his head. That'll let you get most of the prompts in. That's about it.


I'd give it a 20 but it's not on the rating!
Best game ever!
Coolest fatality ever!
All that hard work paid off!


my keyboard must be stuck but all keys froze!