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This is a WIP title sequence to Doctor WhoM, a Flash series I have been working on for a while now. It is a tribute to the hit BBC drama, Doctor Who, and stars myself (Matthew Price) as The Doctor, and Sion Kavanagh as his companion, Dave. Now that we have broken up for the Summer, we hope to have Episode One: 'New Zygor' finished and up here on Newgrounds within the next 12 weeks or so. Any cool ideas you have that I could add to this sequence, feel free to share them with me. Wish us luck!

(The very first Doctor WhoM title sequence can be found in my submissions page.)



That was the freaking intro to series 5 on drugs! I couldn't help but laugh (no offence) and I really look forward to your Doctor Who Series, being the fan that I am :) I really like that you crossed the lightning behind the names in the intro like that. It was cool. I hope everything turns out well for you guys! I can't wait!

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I am a HUGE fan of doctor who, so for a start, dont ruin it! And i also love the fact that the music is from the older series not the new title music witht he stuipid drumbeat and stuff. Also how long are you going to make each episode, considering the real Dr.Who has long episodes, but seeing as it will be flash it won't really be that long.

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KazMazter responds:

Haha, we'll do our best not to ruin it, promise! :)

Each episode is going to be split into two parts of 10 minutes maximum, and they will be uploaded together so you can quickly go straight to the second part of that episode. The formula of the show will remain pretty much the same as Doctor Who's other than that though.

Great intro

This is an excellent introduction to what you plan to be a tribute to the great series 'Doctor Who'. I like the 3D effects that you gave the TARDIS and the lightning, but I find very slight issue in the speed and size of the jolts that the TARDIS has. I don't know why, but they seem to large and quick for me.

Anyway, as a whole, great job and I'd like to see more from you in the future.

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RE: '...'

Well hildebrandt, you bring great shame to your last name. do you understand the WORK IN PROGRESS part? I think this is awesome Kaz, don't listen to Retards like Hildebrandt, your title screen really pays homage to Dr.Who, dare I say my FAVORITE show on the TV! w00tness and pure win incarnate.
Good luck, you better get this out soon or I'll hunt you down and KILL you.


Why not first make something with any CONTENT?!

KazMazter responds:

And why not actually give feedback on what has been submitted instead of moaning about the fact that a full episode hasn't been made already?

It's always a good idea to draw in some attention and pique peoples interests before spending weeks working on something that could be completely overlooked otherwise.

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