Resident Evil SARS Part 4

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[Keep an eye out next week for Part 5]


dude you so good


Funny and works itsself out

The whole yoko/kevin/jim thing made me lol, and the ada segment was genius


great flash and i just relised the sign

whats the population


xDDDDDDDDDD love this flash


This dissapointed me on a few levels. First was the jokes and their delivery. The jokes were just...LAME. It was like they were written by a 10 year old RE fan (Oh wait). I was dissapointed when you did not animate the tanker crashing and exploding that wnot only would have been totally awesome but a good chance to test your animating skills.

The scene with Yoko and Kevin (whoever those guys were) was annoying. It dragged on and on and had no real punchline. All they did was shout each others name with not-funny subtiles, which got annoying extremly quickly. Then you randomly cut to a completly random scene with Ada. I thought this was supposed to be about Resident Evil 2?

Which brings me to my second dissapoinment. In your older flashes you followed the games while inserting jokes. Here however, you just made a couple of RE2 scenes with random nonsensical scenes that have almost nothing to do with RE. Since the jokes are not funny it makes this flash a chore to watch all the way through.

My third dissapointment was the character design. Leon and Ada look very similar to Leo and Aeris from VG cats and upon further investigation realize that your a fan of VG cats. Not that is a bad thing but try coming up with a better character design that is at least look somewhat different then your source. While the furries look ok its the humans and backgrounds that look god awful.

Which brings me to my final point. The human characters look like anime chibi chracters who display almost zero emotion and are animated terribly. They move with tweens and the only things that move are the head eyebrows and mouth with occasionl movements from the arms. That is amateurish and do not get me started on the old man and the child (So bad!). Why not try some Frame by frame animation? You can do allot more with FBR then with just tweens. While some backgrounds look better then other, most backgrounds are blanks of colour and if not that then they are poorly drawn. The only ones that are good is with the RE2 story scenes.

Before Leon busts through the door the background has a street lamp and a dumpster with detalied windows on the building but every other building is just a cube with sqaures for windows. The scene with the humans is just a lines that make walls. Then again I guess I was supposed to watch the humans but they were so annoying and boring that I tried looking for somewthing funnier. Seriously put more effort in to the backgrounds.

It looks like this is a bunch of random scenes that vaguely have anything to do with RE and you just coupled it together with tape and string to try to hold it together. The scenes with Leon and Ada had promise but then it just dissolved into pointless scenes and stale humor. I did not find this funny nor entertaining.

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Leo-and-Pals responds:

Resident Evil: Outbreak < Once you've played that the whole Kevin/Yoko/Jim scene will make perfect sense.


/b/ ... But still Fun ^ ^

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Jun 24, 2010
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