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Hello guys! Here is our new adult RPG game

In this game you have 20 days to train and fuck three beautiful girls. Each morning you can choose what type of training each girl will do (running, gym or swimming). Each girl has four parameters, the main ones are power and endurance. There other two are health and mood. At noon you can decide what you want to do (earn money, talk to the doctor, go to the shops, etc). In the evening you can visit your girls in their rooms. After the 20th day comes the day of the competition which consists of three events: butterfly, crawl and breaststroke. One girl can do each event. If the girl wins and you treated her well, you will get a special prize.

We tried hard to make gaming process more interesting and we hope you like it!

PS On noon screen there's a button "Map" in the upper right corner.


fun!.. one of your best

Great game
Just love everything

1.) Don't invest in all 3 girls, you can't get enough money for that.
2.) Don't use the "rest" function. Buy health therapy and candy for health and mood recovery.
3.) Don't buy too many laxative (3 max). It's random chance of success.

Very nice

this game not bad at all

Bad, this is so fucking horrible. It's not hot. And for all neck-bearded Hatsune-Miku obsessed faggots in the comments, you get a girl by being nice, not skipping to bed. Oh, and if you skip to bed, you need to do like this : Marry/No Condoms/Baby/ . Pigs.

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3.87 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2010
12:52 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG