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Use your ninja skills and run as far as you can.

A game inspired by Canabalt and made in trendy pixel style.
Comes with achievements and has a nice learning curve.
I hope you'll like it.




seen better graphics and controls

Oh man.

I get a rush when I play this game, I feel like i'm the ninja.

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better than canabalt love it

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This review may be really biased as I think that there are waaaay too many Canabalt spin offs out there. It's an interesting idea, however, quite interesting, although I think the achievements and the swinging was a bit much.

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YailenkoGames responds:

this game was released 6 months ago. there was not much spin offs in that time. :) thanks for playing! i'll think about not including swinging in sequel.

Canabalt is awsome. This game is the opposite

People are going to hate me for this but it has to be said. This game is just a cheap rip off of canabalt ( I know it was inspired by it ... but its just too awful ). Not only is it no where near as cool as the office worker running on buildings, but the 'game' distracts from the experience with more stupid buttons and actions that just got in the way of the fast and in your face action by taking away user concentration. The music wasn't up to the techno epicness of Canabalt which was half the game for me. The colour schems are awful, again unessary as black and white was so much cooler, and a blue ninja wtf ? The secenry is just plain stupid, and was one of the coolest parts of Canabalt was jumping over building how more awsome can you get ? This game looks more like a mario backgound with random trees and red ninjas that looked remarkably like turtles ...

I have to credit the ability to take a very good game that needs nothing to be added and ruining it with this... thing. I feel sry for the makers of canabalt for having their game linked to this excuse of a remake. You took away the whole cooleness and mystery and action of the great game and replaced it with daft controls, ridiclous 'ninjas' and a child's colour scheme.

If you want to make this better than take stuff out. Alot of stuff. Simplicity was key to Canabalt. It left us asking 'what the hell is happening ?' and 'how can i become this guy?'. Try harder next time and you might get there with other remakes. Adding stuff doesn't always work.

I can't credit this piece of work as orignal and all the stuff that was added in was bad.

YailenkoGames responds:

You right, Canabalt has completely different feel. And I love it. But I didn't try to clone Canabalt. Moreover I was concentrated on making a game with more fun than tense. That's why I added a lot of fun stuff like shooting, shield, speeding up, speeding down, achievements. Anyway, thank you for checking out my game. :)

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4.39 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2010
8:10 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other