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Use your ninja skills and run as far as you can.

A game inspired by Canabalt and made in trendy pixel style.
Comes with achievements and has a nice learning curve.
I hope you'll like it.




lucka you cant duble jump after getting close to the ground and then jumping again becus you didint land

you can get realy close to the ground and still be in the games terms in the air

unless you hear the click you get when you land your still in the air and you already duble jumpt

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I'd actually just been saying to myself "dang, i wish there was a game where I didn't have to worry about swinging a sword, I just wanna run around and jump and stuff" and... then there was Ninja Run. Freaking sweeeeeeeet. Easy, fun, but a little annoying in that the keys you needed to use were so close together and my fingers were all jammed up next to each other. Other then that; awesome :)

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YailenkoGames responds:

Thank you!


The game is fun, no doubt about that. However there seems to be a problem with double jumping. There will be times when Im' trying running and running and I jump and land and then immediately jump again and the game seems to think I did a double jump, so when I actually NEED a double jump I can't preform it because it think sI already have...other than that the replay ability is astonishing; I just played for 20 minutes after dying over and over again.

Decent Game BUT...

Decent game but you ripped the sprites from Seifer Tim's Tutorial.

YailenkoGames responds:

Seifer Tim kindly allowed me to use his awesome ninja sprite. See the credits screen.


it was an okay reattempt at canabelt. i liked having the weapons. but it ran slow on my comp whereas canabelt runs perfectly. plus, i didnt like the slowing down, it should have been nothing but speeding up, thats what made canabelt so fun for me. the grapple was easy to get the hang of but you didnt put it in the tut. which is crucial.

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YailenkoGames responds:

I just didn't want to overwhelm the tutorial with the information, that's why I didn't include info about hook. Besides I wanted to leave it as surprise for players. Did you see any tutorial in Canabalt about his famous "window" thing? :))

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4.39 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2010
8:10 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other