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Controls: Arrow keys to move, X and C to navigate the menu.

Fixed a couple things, that will be posted once the mods approve.

1) You don't reset your position at the bar when you go up or down, it stays the same
2) No more super long jarring bars.
3) No more woman moaning, I thought it took away from the otherwise awesome game audio. It's SFW now, I believe.

Catch all the beers before they reach the end of the bar.

The burgers help sober you up so you don't puke.

Cocktails piss Boggs off and waste valuable time by smashing them on the floor.

You get 1x+ combo per drink drank in a row. Every 10x gets a woman sliding down the bar, catch her and get more points.

Hey guys, I'd really appreciate your support. I made this game with the NG audience as my main demographic target. Hopefully in the crowd of hardcore defense and shooter fanatics there are a couple dudes/gals that like getting wasted.

I'm hoping to get 1 million drinks downed before summer, lets make this happen!


Programmer: Ryan Luce www.ryanluce.com
Designer: Joseph Stevens www.splixel.com
Music: Roboctopus 8bitcollective.com/member s/roboctopus/


feels like 1992

i like the look & feel.
didn't know that you become sober when eating burgers.
well, you never stop learning ;)


Good game, straightforward movement system, good scoring system but by level 6 I was starting to get bored and gave up.

Its ok...

Its great just to pass the time, but its quite boring after a while... But yet I still say to you, good work :D

Fun game

It was more fun when i found out i was the guy that had to get the drinks than the guy who gives them the drinks

Good things about this game.

1) Nice animation.

2) high score system

3) Music even though I did not like it at first made the game more fun

Bad things about this game.

1) The items will sometimes go 2 at a time at the same time causing you to lose life's sometimes

2) the bar tender will sometimes pull the switch than change spots fast and the items will go there instead.

Any ways it was a fun game and get a 4/5 from me

(stats in the game......

Drinks consumed 280

Girly drinks 22

Times hurled 70)


The retro effects PLUS a legendary Red Sox staple. You make Beantown proud, good sir.

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3.28 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2010
11:07 PM EDT
Action - Other