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face washing, the dangers

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Jun 22, 2010 | 6:44 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Yes, it is obviously fake. I made this because I had free time. Also, I know you would not have shaving materials in the shower, I just put that element in there so I could have an explanation for the injury. Face washing is dangerous, people. Examine what is in your shower before you wash up!

Shot using a Sony DCR-PC100 hooked up to a MiniDV VCR, edited with 2 MiniDV VCRs and 2 DV tapes.

This easily is not a flash animation, but since it is a video, it is technically an animation. Video is just audio being played while pictures are flashed in rapid enough succession to give the illusion of motion. Not computer animated, but still an animation. Also, as of 2011 I am only taking comments that contain coherent content into consideration (oops, alliteration). If you cannot spell, use punctuation correctly, capitalize correctly or use coherent wording, you may as well be having a conversation with anyone but me. I will either ignore or make fun of your comment if it is unreadable.



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


The movie was decent but not newgrounds material. It was taken with a video camera 1st of all, and 2nd, it wasn't a flash animation.

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bakonfreek responds:

I already asked someone else for the definition of "Newgrounds material" so I can see if it is as imaginary as the "no filming in public" law that was passed never and is as official as my school press pass. *AHEM*, Back on topic. Yes, it was taken with a video camera, so are a lot of Newgrounds movies. Maybe they aren't rated high but they don't really violate any rules. Mine is no different in the way that it was filmed on a video camera and has quite possibly the lowest rating on the site. Also, yes, it wasn't a flash animation; defining flash animations as "made in Adobe Flash Animator". It is, however, a legitimate shockwave flash file as well as an animation. Video (and about half of animations people talk about) are just a bunch of pictures being displayed in rapid succession to give the illusion of motion. It could in that way be a flash animation, depending on how loosely you're willing to define "flash" animation (a shockwave flash file containing an animation or an animation actually made in Adobe Flash Animator).


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The HELL was that?

Youtube that.

This isn't a newgrounds style thing.


bakonfreek responds:

Define Newgrounds style. Also, "Youtube that." makes no sense since for most people that means "search for it on YouTube", much like "Google that".


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It's not flash

Newgrounds is a place to submit flash movies/games you need to post this on a different site (you know what it is) good effort though.

bakonfreek responds:

I agree that it would probably fare better on a different site albeit that doesn't imply the necessity to move it, but it is technically a flash movie. It's wasn't made in Adobe Flash Animator (and consequentially isn't a computer-generated animation), but it is a movie and it was imported to a shockwave flash file from the DV tape by the video editor.


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its not a flash movie

there are other sites to put videos like this, but newgrounds isnt one of them the joke wasnt really funny either, maybe if it was actually flash it could have shown the off screen moment of washing his face with a razor, also is that kol aid

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bakonfreek responds:

No, it was very diluted food dye. Do you think I have the money for Kool-Aid? Also, next time, could you make your review a bit more easy to read? I just kind of guessed at what you were saying most of the time because of your lack of proper punctuation.


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This isn't funny, and it's not flash. It's a video that belongs on youtube.

bakonfreek responds:

If this was on YouTube, it would be flash. It would not exist on here if it weren't flash since the required file type is shockwave flash. As for the video not being funny...I'll give you that one, but what does that have to do with anything?