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Pokemon: Fated Encounter

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Author Comments

The battle continues this time Rayquaza has been unleashed by a powerful new trainer and is on a Pokemon hunting rampage! Can Fry and co take this beast down? join the high paced action and find out.


***READ NOW!!** This flash is considerably more graphic intensive than the first, so I have inserted quality toggle control functions (central black buttons below); however it is only an issue on slower computers. If it still tends to lag with low quality, try watch in firefox then hold ctrl and scroll down with your mouse to zoom out the page. This will drasitically reduce the stress the flash graphics renders on your pc's cpu

Be sure to watch "Fated Battle" if you still have not seen the first part of the action. Just like to say as you all know I'm not the biggest fan of Pokemon, last game I played being Pokemon silver O_o and hardly not ever seeing the anime. I did all research on bulbapedia to keep accuracy. I mixed aspects of the anime and game into this so I hope it appeals to you all.

NOTE: Now my third flash and as you can see I'm getting better :) I've literally been called the Micheal Bay of newgrounds haha so you'll either love my style or hate it completely! well there is only enough I can do. BTW as I'm a dbz fanatic I'm sure you'll be nostagic after this, so make sure to keep up as they move pretty fast. So if you hate Z awww too bad tut* tut*

NOTE2: For those wondering why I haven't credited the main Rayquaza battle theme here. It is because it is non-existent here on Newgrounds. It was produced by a guy who goes by the name of Pokemonremixstudios. He is notorious for mixing amazing pokemon themes on Youtube, so all credit for music goes to him. If your having trouble finding the mix, PM me and I'll PM you the link :)

Runtime- 4:32 mins (Battle scene duration)
Frame Rate- AS3 20fps = AS2 24fps
Symbol Count- 1800!! O_o (Almost double the first :o)
Production Time of Flash- 3x the original :P due to my laziness
Be sure to watch to the credits for a surprise O.O
and hope you enjoy or enjoyed the cataclysmic battle! Rayquaza is Badass right?! XD


Cool animation style

You miss out on one point because its Pokemon

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Great movie

Very epic and awesome animations


That was awesome. If only Pokemon was this epic. I might still be watching it or interested in it. >.>

A couple of unfixable flaws.

I noticed that the animation was a little choppy- I mean the parts which actually required you to draw a new frame from scratch to show something moving besides a beam or a rock. Like a turning head. I realise amongst all that chaos, detail like that is near impossible to achieve if not extremely tedious.

I wasn't exactly impressed by how you drew the humans, either. They looked pretty generic. Not to mention your drawing abilities for humans is pretty substandard in general. No offence. Lastly, it was really cliche. A lot of it. Went a bit too long for the same thing over and over: I get hit, you get hit, I get hit etc. A little more creativity would have been nice.

All that aside, fucking epic. Obviously I don't need to list the pros as they're abundant.

This was good

i see the DBZ in it, most intense pokemon battle ever. my only thing is, although i'm sure you're comfortable with the way you draw, chins come out farther than you would think, alot of people have problems with that, you might want to extend the chins a bit, just a thought

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Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2010
4:29 PM EDT

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