Dance Dance of Death

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An attempt to try something new and innovative.
A DDR game with a theme influence to that of Bruce Lee's "Game of Death".

Test your might as the player takes control of Tyko, an expert dance fighter, and must fight levels of the Pagoda of Death to save your kidnapped girlfriend, Lily.
Missing too many notes will cause your funk bar to drop and lose the fight against the current boss of the level of pagoda.
Instructions of how to play are within the game.


i love it


needs work? Story is funny, definitly, and the art style really makes it go well too. but a few things that would improve this would have to be the gameplay and the art behind it when you are playing. it's a still. I have played DDR 100+ hours and thier is no stills. A nice animation would make that part of the game much much higer quality. Another thing is the gameplay itself. It;s a little too touchy and unforgiving. I understand if you want to make it hard. but the touchyness and knowing you hit the button at the right time while it still says too bad you missed is frustrating at the least. good game so far. Refine it.

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what's important in a rhythm game is that it has rhythm, which you achieved.
and the Final Fantasy win theme made me laugh, nice touch.

i have no idea what RougeDragonKnight is talking about, the keystrokes register just fine for me, but i agree that the scoring is a little harsh.

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Right off the bat I HATE these rhythym/press the right button at the right time games. But I have gone out on a limb and played a few from time to time...and I started to like them once I figured that thay're not that bad to play...untl I played this one.

First off the "fights" are not very exciting all you see is the boss you're facing and thats it. I would have liked to see at least SOME kind of action on the screen not just some close up of Jonny Cobra.

Second, the game has some MAJOR bugs in it. When I played it the first time I lost on level zero...I thought ok no biggie I can beat him this time...I played it 8 times in a row and I lost every time...I memorized the tune that played when you faced Jonny and I lost every time. Why? Because for some reason the box didn't register my key stokes--I couned at lesst 9 strokes when I was dead on and it recorded a miss--on point with every stroke and still my funk bar went down! that REALLY needs to be fixed.

Third, I think you are WAY to harsh on your "scoring" system. I know I messed up a few times when I played the game the first 3 or 4 times but after that I was on target with the key presses. If I missed one key stroke I get a "Bad" rating and even if I fill my funk bar back up it still said "Bad" and I loose?!?

In my mind that's one, two, three strikes you're out my friend. This game needs to be reworked, put in some kind of fight animation between the main charcter, Tyko and the boss as you're doing the key strokes, make SURE that the game recodes ALL the key strokes so you're not puessing the buttons in vain and fix that scoring system; one miss does not mean you shoud get an automatic loss.

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Jun 22, 2010
4:35 AM EDT