The Forever Woman

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2014 EDIT: I now have a creator's commentary on youtube! Search "The Forever Woman Creator's Commentary" on the channel "Cubic Element Productions". I'm glad to go back over my first ever newgrounds submission after four years. I realise that it's also my only one, but in the next year or so I hope to do something about that. But I can't say anything more specific for now.


it was cute, really.. i really love the creator, no homo! so yahhh good.


why legend of zelda opening music??? funny when she killed the boss...not sure why tho

nice try

Very cheesy IMO.

Art and animation were really bad. Although, if you learn to animate well, art is forgivable. All movement was stiff as it was. Animating her hair would have helped too.

The sound effects were bad. Don't try to be funny with the sound effects if you want to tell a serious story. The Mortal Kombat fx were especially bad to use.

The story didn't interest me in the slightest. Too cheesy-horror-film for me.

Interesting Concept

I enjoyed it Somewhat, has a Interesting Story Behind it, Although the Graphics arnt super good, Its alright to be able to See whats going on.

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Lacking effort

Animation- Very basic, hair doesn't move, bodies are all one shape and rigid, and motion is shaky or unrealistic.

Graphics- Poorly drawn, could be done a lot better with more time put into them.

Story- Weak in delivery and unclear overall. If you're really going to continue this, finish the story first, refine it, and then animate it.

Voice acting- Horrible. Get voice actors, potentially over NG.

Sound effects- Also horrible, get better at sound mixing or collaborate with one on NG.

Music- From selection to actual use, it was horrible. Music was inconsistent, didn't help the story at all, and in most areas was generally absent.

Shots- Poorly sequenced and unnecessary. Shots like the one when the woman meets what I believe is the corporate boss were tripy, and brutally unnecessary. The shot at the end with lightning coming out of the woman's hands was held far too long.

Get some help from NG or other flash makers to make this a good story and flash series.

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2.66 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2010
3:57 AM EDT