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Chrono Trigger Unglued 21

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Author Comments

Crono and Company, having landed in the future, discuss what their next steps are going to be. Meanwhile, back at home, Cat has an important conversation with a mysterious person. However, before all that, there's something Gaspar has been meaning to do for some time now...

By the way, you actually have to select the second scene to skip Gaspar's Narration this time. However, if you actually want to see the secret scene, I'm not sure you want to...


The space bar, as well as the arrow button, is used to advance conversations. When the secret scene is unlocked you select it from the scene selection menu to play it. Restarting the movie by right clicking relocks the secret scene. You can now skip Gaspar's narration if you select the first scene from the scene menu.


I bet none of you expected this episode to come out so soon, I know I definitely didn't. It was actually sort of exhausting to do, but I digress. Here is the first episode of what Cryo and I call Season 3, and I thought that such an important episode should be suprising. Not only did it come out when no one expected it, just like the Spanish Inquisition, but it contained things no one expected either (and I'm not just talking about Gaspar giving all of you his best Rick Roll impersonation). Anyways, the next episode will probably be out sometime before this year ends (it has a scene in it I've been waiting a very long time to do). I'n going to collapse now *CLUNK*


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My Art Page: http://clovis15.deviantart.com (Okay, so it's not CTU related, but please still look)

"Crono... you're part Gato now!"


WTF I got rickrolled

I thought I could escape that on Newgrounds. Apparently not.
this one was a bit lacking. the ones in the past I enjoyed. this oen just seems to be missing something. Can't put my finger on it, though.

Clovis15 responds:

Haven't you seen horror films? The killer always strikes when the victim finally thinks s/he is safe.

Gasp... Gasp... Gaspar!

Wait, did I just get rickroll'd by Gaspar? Wow... I guess the Guru of Time and the Guru Josh of Inifity may collaborate someday.
So, just want to say how incredible the series is. Love the special Chronopolis scene too. Just keep'em coming (pwetty pwease with sugar on top...).
Only thing is, a forward button might be useful, if you miss the secret-scene-activating-button it's kinda time-consuming to watch the whole thing again and knowing all the puns... although it wasn't too hard this time to hit it in the first run.
So a 5/5 and a 9/10, 'nuff said.

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Clovis15 responds:

Fear not, we do intend to keep making these. Also, the proper terminology might be GasparRoll'd. I'm especially pleased you liked the Chronopolis scene, as I was some what worried how many people would actually understand all of the dialogue in that scene.

I will consider adding a bail to title screen feature in Episode 22.

I just love this series! It's friggin' great!

Just reading Chrono's ranting is what makes it all worth it! I swear you made him really stupid and the dialogue clearly shows it. Such awesome writing and reactions. Hilarious from beginning to end! "Chrono's Rampant Hyperbole" FTW!! Yea, if I were Chrono, I would definitely want someone to shoot my brains clear out of my head if I started smack-talking in rhyme!

Hilarious, absolutely hilarious and excellent top notch writing. Can't wait for episode 22.

Clovis15 responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the episode, and we will try to have episode 22 out this year.

Love the series

I love this series. Been watching since the first one came out on Newgrounds. Chrono's Banter = Awesome.

Clovis15 responds:

Thank you foe your comments, we rewrote this episode multiple times to ensure the dialogue was perfect.

It's ok but...

...it have too many text, the talking is very long, if u at least could dub the characters it would be more bearable.

Clovis15 responds:

The problem with keeping a huge cast of voice actors is unfortunately the voice actors themselves.

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Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2010
3:55 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody