Dailytoon # 401

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it looks like the gang's back in action for another season of dailytoons!

over the next 100 days you'll see a hundred collaborative cartoons in the spirit of the original dailytoons. begun in 2004 by zerostar and j00bie, the star syndicate has compiled exactly 400 dailytoons over 4 seasons. this massive accomplishment caused the ss to have the most uploads on newgrounds. HOWEVER, one man/woman/entity DARES to challenge the mighty star syndicate--that is, newgrounds user 123bee. so, in the spirit of the first season of dailytoons, we welcome everyone who'd like to contribute to season 5.

To have your work featured in a dailytoon, submit your 550x400 24fps white background .fla or Nigerian scam to DTseason5@gmail.com.

PS: to outcast studios: your sounds werent syncing up right, sorry :( send us a buddy request

http://thestarsyndicate.c om


blew my mind

this is a fucken masterpiece holy shi

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okay, we lied.

just when you thought night in hotlanta would cap off the entire dailytoons legacy, bOOM POW along comes numero four oh one to blow your butts off with greatness all over again. it's always wonderful to see the star syndicate back in action after such an extended lean period, and this time is certainly no exception!

adam ant - lovely loop you've got here, with some soothing music and intriguing movie clips included in the action!!!
"outcast studios" - a really quick piece without much closure or anything of the sort, though i'll admit you have an alright visual style and i look forward to whatever else you wanna contribute.
nigerian scam - hell yes

here's to another 100 toons of mind-blowing power, fellas. i doubt you'll see a review of mine for another one of these that's as long as this so SAVOR IT DAMN U

-your friendly neighborhood retrosmash

A tear

goin down from my face...



not that great

I'd be more focused on submitting quality than quantity. These shorts had no humor. The "Outcast Labs" one had passable animation and artwork and was barely worth watching. "Adam Ant" just looked silly, and the last one was about as interesting as an actual Nigerian scam.

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2.28 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2010
11:52 PM EDT
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