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Once again, a Physics project done with a character from Nazi Zombies. This time however, it's Nikolai, the drunk Russian.

Of course, it wouldn't be the same without the return of an old friend... and foe
The other two people with the project group didn't help with the making of the video. Instead they did the parts of obtaining values from the ride itself (after all, this is an assignment)

EDIT: Well, I guess I should clarify a few things. The requirements for the assignment was to present first the details of the ride we chose. This is why the start had this blueprint setting showing various of informative points. The next part was to describe the principles of physics that are involved with the ride, hence the kinetic typography in the middle. Final marking point was the sensation and how it relates to the physics. Well, the sensation was delivered through the Russians speech, hence its significance. If you get up too quickly, you'll have a head rush and perhaps collapse. Afterall, you've just been spun around. Dizziness can be associated as a part of feeling drunk which gives meaning to the second part.

After the kinetic typography ends, the project ends. The rest is simply filler and simply animation without sense.

Hope this clears things up

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what songs
are these


Nice work! Funny thing is, is that I actually learned some of this durring class. We had finals in my class where we had to choose a project.

+8 for the guass rifle

+2 for physics

That was...interesting.

The whole stick figure thing was pretty neat, with the voice overs and all. But the physics tutorial...that was interesting, especially given that physics kicked my ass not too long ago. But yeah, it had a nice presentation to it, which made it enjoyable.

Also, I nostalgia'd at the THX sound. It's been FOREVER since I heard that.

I liked parts

When there were no stick figures I loved the drawings and layout. I loved the subtle jokes. I just loved all the transitions and what not.

If you can avoid stick figures do it, because the only part of the stick figures that I liked was the voice acting.. which sounded like wanna be tf2 characters.

deathfun responds:

Stickfigures are what I do. I don't intend to change that
Thanks for the input anyhow

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Jun 21, 2010
10:03 PM EDT