the epic clay battle

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flash jacked up the movie and made it super slw so bare with mee here

sorry guys just figured out that th animation dosent go bak to the preloader like its supposed to it just loops didt know i will fix that next time



Its good and all but i suppose it does need work.

And in my opinion i think you should have chosen better music

clay fighter clay clay

fighter come on down and fight some clay oo.


The characters look good, and you look very capable of much smoother motion, so try getting about 3 or 4 more frames in per second and they'll look much better.

Also, try to make sure the camera is in focus before taking a frame.


I'll be honest, I'm sure you spent a lot of time working on this and you're proud of your work, but it needs a lot more improving.

It's rather short, could definitely improve by being longer
I read that flash slowed it down, so I understand that issue
A through the fire and flames midi file didn't really help the audio that much either

Sorry about this one, but if you keep trying I'm sure you'll get there!

Please use more frames.

Stop frame animation is not difficult, but it only turns out nicely when you use lots of frames. Move your models very slightly and take another picture, please don't move an arm from rest to horizontal in one frame.

Needs quite a bit more works than the fifty three frames you used.

supermalleo responds:

thnx ill use ur advise te mai problem is laziness lol

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Jun 21, 2010
3:27 PM EDT
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