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Snorlax Vs Snorlax

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Snorlax vs Snorlax...

Another pokemon short...

Enjoy! and watch my other shite! :)


herman van veen - opzij opzij opzij
Kud- remix
Evil activities - Nobody said it was easy

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It's uh.. It's an animated thing. That's as much as I can say really. Maybe time hasn't been to kind, but this isn't great. Though my favorite parts were the dancing scenes they weren't enough to save it. Pretty meh with a kinda funny-ish ending that's been done better elsewhere I'm sure.

it is not funny at first then I timed it right and turned on we like to party dubstep remix and I laughed so much that I smashed my face into the key board. that one ripped snorlax looks somewhat like my snorlax. and he also dances somewhat like me. (but I dace way faster and with more swag.)

Hey, I am 10 and I am a huge fan of pokemon. I don't like it when people make fun of it. BUT THIS WAS HILARIOUS. I couldn't help but laughing. Great job, and keep up the good work!

vlaktemaat responds:

Why thank you reddragonmaster20037! I'll make something Pokémon related again soon

Just as messed up as when I first saw this.

vlaktemaat responds:

Thanks! 'preciate it!

really funny and well animated!