Stick Fight Comp

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Here is my attempt to combine a bunch of quick animations I have done into one fast paced short.

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i like it.

im a fan of stick fights and have been working on one currently. i like the ones you have made, just put them all into one plot and like story. and make it a single hero or main character. i thought they were good.

MPM responds:

Thanks for the review! And good luck on your own animations!

Wasnt bad

It has some really nice animations, if you make a short movie of this, with one "hero" character and a story along with it. It will defenitily turn out great.

Dont give up, youve got some talent right there.

MPM responds:

Thank you for the crtique! A lot of these are very old and I got tired of loading documents to show people. I will definitely work on a more plot oriented battle.

They all suck

Ill give you a 5 for effort

MPM responds:

The world needs folks who are blunt...

Hmmm idk

Some of all that sucked, some of it was realy great. I give it a 3 and a 7

MPM responds:

Thanks! That's a 10!