Protector IV

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The ultimate Protector experience. Protector 4 takes the now classic gameplay and expands on it massively. Work as a mercenary for 11 different factions using 46 unique units. Hire your entourage from a selection of 100 heroes and use them to slay monsters, earn rewards and collect powerful treasure across the entire kingdom of Arkandia!
Finish your Protectomon collection and uncover ancient artifacts for your heroes with the help of Arkandia Jones the explorer.


idea and comment

idea a skermish mode were you make the enimy waves and you make map and then you choose what units trainable max:6 but to unlock it you got to play ral game 2 lvl,s min

great game loves it

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Great!!Hope 5 fixes the small amount of problems

I played this on armorgames and loved it. But as ekehart said u rly dont even need to use melee units. and i had the same problem with the upgrades way too expensive. it is impossible or damn near (and ive tried) to get the middle end talent...i went to each lvl once i beat it and used just a couple units of one type and they still didnt have enough exp...one other thing,the one talent..."reduces monsters beginning HP by.....1?!?!" great game though

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Best of them all!!

i played this on kongregate and it is a brilliant RPG!

better then pro 3

awsum game much better then pro 3 it also has my pet protector elements in it which is awsum ive always luv the my pet pro series

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Although I don't find it too hard, I think it's misbalanced just slightly. I get the feeling that I'm *way* from the endgame, and I've been playing for 3 hours or more. Not that that's your fault. There needs to be some way that you can make melee units viable. As of right now, I get through all the levels with just ranged/magic.

I'd say make the upgrades a *little* more affordable, as far as xp is concerned.

That, or make the upgrades a bit more powerful. As it is, it's better to zerg the enemy with lots of little units then a few big powerful ones...Which makes little to no sense, TD wise.

Other than that, great game. I'm still playing, heh. And I started yesterday.

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4.25 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2010
11:34 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense