The Button that Could

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This is the first flash that I've actually put a little time into, other than my other ones, usually consisitng of doodles of dicks. Please be kind.

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Indeed, he could.

This is a difficult review, because you seem to be acutely aware of the usual elements of a review. You point out that the art is badly drawn (though, usually, my only standard for the art is whether or not it serves to portray the story and if it fits the tone. In both those respects the art was fine) and the tongue-in-cheek telling of the story leads me to believe that you are already familiar with the elements of storytelling and what your video is lacking.

I will touch on the sound, which on the whole was fine, though the voice-over was a little quiet. Other than that everything worked well - intro and ending musics were especially fitting.

The joke was quite clever, in my humble opinion, and I laughed allowed watching the button begrudgingly fulfilling the requests. The lampshaded anticlimax conclusion was also legitimately funny.

All in all, the only real critique I can make is whether or not any effort went into the creation of this video and without seeing your other work I cannot say. So, please, submit more. I think you could be, at the very least, a talented humorist.

ShizWhiz responds:

Thank man. To be honest, I only really put in about half an hour into this, while also being half asleep. But thanks for the constructive criticism, If I do choose to submit another piece of work, I'll try my best to apply what I've learnt through the responses of the viewers.

The only...

The only thing I liked about this flash was the beginning since it had no real purpose to the actual animation. But the beginning was funny with the intro all done up nicely completely different then the rest of it...

ShizWhiz responds:


A masterpiece

Making an original storyline is often considered difficult now days, but occasionally you find that someone will bring along something as flexible and beautiful as this. With a plot that is rock solid, and a soundtrack that must have broken many backs to get, I have to say this is one of the most incredible pieces of art ever to grace this portal.

ShizWhiz responds:

Aw, gee willickers, really? Shucks.

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Jun 21, 2010
7:30 AM EDT
Comedy - Original