Manhattan Project

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The full title is Lil' Einstein's Manhattan Project, and it takes you to his garage where you will be a test subject in his brilliantly crafted science project. The object is to upgrade your plane with new weapons and bombs in order to purchase the Atom Bomb by day 25. In order to buy the A-Bomb, you must buy all 9 other bombs which are successively stronger than the last.

Pump up the Volume, it really adds to the atmosphere. I personally hunted down and gutted songs in the Audio Portal so they would fit the game perfectly, BUT there is a MUTE option in the "Audio Option" on the chalkboard.

Andrew and I would like to thank Tomamoto, Luis, Mindchamber, LilJim, Tom, PsychoGoldfish, and anyone else who helped us submit this game. Jaxxy for being a babe. Thanks to TomFulp of Newgrounds.com for sponsoring the game.

PS this game is in no way historically accurate nor does the plot even make sense.
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Game gets horrible lag at the end
The game froze on me as I was attempting to sweat for that maximum chaos
Feels bad

It started off pretty fun, but then as it went on my computer lagged more and more and even on lower quality I wasn't able to properly play it.

This has been one of my favorite stress games for almost ten years. It's tough, which makes winning all the more worthwhile when it happens. Thanks for making it, and sorry I haven't said it earlier. Half a star off because it hasn't aged well but it's still a gem.

fun, until my computer gave up and i got lagged out

i found the key to win you only need upgrade the turret to level 3 and thats it

Credits & Info

4.08 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2010
2:41 PM EDT
Strategy - Artillery