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SSSWarriorCat ep 2 part 3

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ATTENTION: This was not made by me (again), made by my friend and fellow animation Asi. Yes, he has an NG account, does and will he ever use it? NO. That's why I do this, he even gave me these flash files for that reason. Sorry, he didn't give episode 1 because he lost it, damn, but here's a youtube link:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=1XYgtSCHvp4&feature =PlayList&p=26112E48392C5 00F&playnext_from=PL&inde x=0&playnext=1

ALSO: NOT MINE OR ASI'S STORY. This is based of the novel "Warriors" by Erin Hunter. If you don't like the story, complain to the author. WATCHING EPISODE ONE MIGHT HELP TOO.

hope you like it, a lot of people asked for it so...I'm just pleasing the fans ;D

credz to Asi and Zing, awesome.

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The voice acting needs alot more work than the artwork--though, the artwork could use work.

I can still barely understand Whitestorm. The volume of his voice seems half the volume of anyone else. And the voice actors need to put emotion into their lines. The more monotone they speak, the harder it is to understand. Subtitles would help.

The artwork in the closing credits was much better than the artwork in the animation. During the clan meeting, one of the cats in the crowd looked like a doberman. Lionheart is starting to look ridiculous to me (he reminds me of a pokemon) --but maybe that's just me.

(At one point, I was expecting Lionheart to pick Kit up by the scruff of the neck and present him to the clan while they all roared (or yowled) and "Circle of Life" was playing in the background, but that's another story. But seriously, it would be so easy to make a parody of this.)

Playing music during the dialogue is distracting, even if you keep it down. Even without music to distract me, I have trouble understanding them sometimes. In general, music should be played when there's very little or no dialogue.

I still find the series interesting enough to keep up with. But I'm still deducting a point because I think the author needs to post his own work himself.

wanton360 responds:

ummmm...there are subtitles...and if your so annoyed at the fact he doesn't post his own work, YOU TELL HIM, NOT ME. I see a lot of lionheart = pokemon so it's definitely not just you (I have the same feeling). And there's subtitles so the music shouldn't be annoying.


I am not going to say too much... The graphics could be worked on, but on that note, so can everyone's. The sound quality is much better than most, but the problem is that it sounds like only a few people are doing it... Even if that is the case, it still isn't bad. One thing I might suggest is when doing things like muttering, have actual inaudible speech, rather than actual speech that is made inaudible, if you know what I mean.

But I'll say it again. This isn't bad, and I wonder what will happen.


These movies are EPIC! Will there be more?

wanton360 responds:

uhh...yeah...there's lots. just not extremely soon