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SSSWarriorCat ep 2 part 2

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ATTENTION: This was not made by me (again), made by my friend and fellow animation Asi. Yes, he has an NG account, does and will he ever use it? NO. That's why I do this, he even gave me these flash files for that reason. Sorry, he didn't give episode 1 because he lost it, damn, but here's a youtube link:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=1XYgtSCHvp4&feature =PlayList&p=26112E48392C5 00F&playnext_from=PL&inde x=0&playnext=1

ALSO: NOT MINE OR ASI'S STORY. This is based of the novel "Warriors" by Erin Hunter. If you don't like the story, complain to the author. WATCHING EPISODE ONE MIGHT HELP TOO.

hope you like it, a lot of people asked for it so...I'm just pleasing the fans ;D

credz to Asi and Zing, awesome.


I like it

Overall, I think it's good. I'm giving this a one-point lower score than the first part because of the voice acting. I could barely understand some of Whitestorm's lines because they were so quiet. Someone needs to make sure all the voices are the same volume.

The voice actors need to show more emotion. Some of the lines were delivered like they were reading them for the first time. And Lionheart kept flipping between calling the little orange cat a "him" and a "her".

And I'm subtracting a point again because the author didn't post this himself.

wanton360 responds:

well, once again...there were subtitles so it shouldn't be that hard to understand ;)
voice acting is not that amazing, I know...it's not that easy to find good people, jeez


i like it alot because its origional but.... its really just...TOO typical, like chessy n stuff, he's obviously gonna be a 'great warrior'...can you just make it the same story line as it is and all that and the epic animation! but just... make the dialouge more realistic e.g. instead of saying he'll be a great warrior they say something else (because really if someone said something like that they would look like a massive douche)

great job!!! looking forward to the rest :P....anime cats :o so epic XD

wanton360 responds:

Errrr...the story I can't help to much. This is based of a novel called "Warriors" by Erin Hunter (in the description), so if you don't like the story, complain to the author. Asi actually changed the story a little to make it more interesting so give him some credit.

Remindes me of Felidae

You should watch the movie, you would like it a lot. Great animation, and acting

Another great installment

More great animation and artwork. Some of the voicework still needs a little more emotion and dynamism, but once again- nice work.


Its so nice to see actual animation here. Very good story, great animation. I cant wait to see more.

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3.73 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2010
11:54 PM EDT