sandbag vid part uno

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Hey all! I'm just getting started with flash so helpful criticism would be pretty useful. It started out something basically nothing like this but came to it when stuff got deleted or screwed up. soo... yeah enjoy!


Nicely done

Reminds me of some other flashes.
I suggest you add a preloader though,keep up the good work.

Good effort

You did a good job with the sprites and sound effects. The dialog box was alright, but first, you need a play button. It just automatically plays, and re-plays.

Keep on working on it!

leafblaze responds:

ok thanks!


4/5 8/10 - I WANTED THIS TO LAST LONGER! The dialog size could have been smaller, and your speech bubbles cleaned up, but all in all, this was good! The fact that you rock the sandbags world, and made him so pissed off, he started attacking back was funny! I really wanted to see the whole fight.. The sprites seemed in time, the music could be less looped, but hey.. I liked the SFX you did for the movements. You need to make your flashes stop looping though.. It played like three times as i was writing this.. <lul> Keep up the good work!

leafblaze responds:

Thanks! I saw abunch of sandbag vids one day and thought that it wasn't fair that they get to beat the crap outta him and he can't do anything. And i'm planning on making a fight that lasts about two or three minutes

:) Funny

very funny. I actually thought the bag would fall on his head or something!

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Jun 19, 2010
9:27 AM EDT