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Bushit Strikes , back

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Author Comments

The last hero from Saudi Arabia! This one will be fucking offensive if you are either Rambo or Bush´s fan.

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let's get a few things strait shall we...

well if I misunderstood anything because I didn't have a clue of what they were saying, then you can correct me, but from what I've guessed you are saying that Bush invaded a country killed civilillians without thinking much and he ended up killing babies as well. he also started the whole 9/11 thing. well I can tell you that whoever told you this crap was drunk.

1st off people like bill clinton didn't do a thing to help the problems in the other country and as a result we got attacked thus 9/11. Bush isn't killing civillians on purpose, heck without us they would still be tortured from the terrorists. osama deserved hell and I hope he and his friends burn there for all the things they caused. explain one way how any of your flash is true. the only thing that is true in that flash is that we are in a war!

although for a flash movie I liked the funny soldier with the machine gun. :)

lol it was funny

but you know bush doesnt command any of the forces and even if they did launch a nuke at america we have anti missile bateries that would shoot it outta the sky...

Actually it's portuguese.

I know it cause I'm brazilian, (by the way, for all the morons who didn't know, brazilians' native language is PORTUGUESE, like all other crappy countries like Angola and Portugal, AND NOT SPANISH!) and its speech was(SPOILER AHEAD although probably none of you will understand what they say):

Another calm day in Afghanistan.

(Sign) In portuguese, the pronounciation of "tur" is Identical to english pronounciation of "tour". Although that was probably pretty obvious.

Bush: Where's Osama Bin Laden?

Osama(in crappy arabic): There he is.

Bush: Thank you, bearded man.

Osama(crappy arabic): Thanks for killing osama! In retribution we'll give you a free jet ride back home to the U.S..

Bush: Yay! Yahoo! I killed Bin Laden! Yeeee!

(final lines)

Bush: Holy fu#k! Bearded Son of a bi#ch!!!


What the heck are they saying??!

Bush is a decent president

Many people view him as the worst president in American history because of all the president Bashing thats been going on. Since most people want to fit in socially, they also bash on the president creating a false image of George Bush.
If people took more time to sit down and read their American history books, then they would discover that America in many situations did nothing and remained isolationist. This would just cause future problems and inflict the economy later. I'm glad to a President take down a corrupted leader.
Many might say that Bush is doing this for economic gains but prior to 9/11 and after 9/11 we were doing just fine. So where exactly is the economic gain? Also gas prices increased because many other countries such as China are buying cars for the first time. Not because Iraq is buring all its gas.
The burning of gas on television that you might see all the time is actually a natural process the oil fields go through.

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3.24 / 5.00

Jun 10, 2002
7:49 PM EDT