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thdrk and Golden Clock

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In the middle of a stroll, thdrk has a confrontation with Golden Clock! Who will emerge victorious?

Happy Golden Clock day! {{Golden}}

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this is good!

that seems very good!
i really like the animation, and the style you put in it. also the story seems fun. too bad we don't know how it ended... :/

things to add: more length, and an ending. but its good nevertheless

Needs more animation

Well, it started out so well, with thdrk bouncing along in the fashion of various clocks that I've seen before, though with him not being a clock (technically, I know), it makes things a little difficult to relate to.

If only GoldenClock had actually been animated in reaching down to take the hat off of thdrk's head, things would have looked so much better. What became of thdrk? Did he run home and cry, lamenting the loss of his hat? Did he get someone else to try and get the hat back, or come back, trying to trade some sort of other hat for the one that GoldenClock took? The piece is too short to leave all of these questions unanswered, so a few more pointers in the plot would have really helped.

The drawing style worked quite nicely, being amateurish and not quite as good as the more recognisable members of the Clock Crew, so I'd recommend that you stay there. With the way that your finished product looks, consider adding length to it and also some voice acting, as that always helps make a piece seem more complete.

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KombuchananClock responds:

All those unanswered questions are so needless. But hey, if you're DYING to know the "answers", you have my permission to write fanfiction for my glorious flash masterpieces. In fact, I encourage it, especially if it's erotic slash fiction. That way, you can make up your own frivolous details the plot ignored for the sake of brevity, like how thdrk turns out to be a classic tsundere and admits his true love for the CC WHOOPS I DUN GONE AND ANSWERED IT ANYWAY, SHEEEEET.

That last thing actually happened, by the way. So there's your answer. thdrk stopped being an anti-clock. Kind of a bummer, really.

As for his hat? Well, let's just say you don't really want to know what happened to it. Golden did horrible things to that poor hat. To include them in the flash would be endangering the sanity of my viewers.

Right in the middle

This was a fairly mediocre flash and it looks like you had a nice Clock Day indeed. I believe the purple thing was supposed to be thdrk. It was strange because I can usually just assume that every character in a Clock Day flash is going to be a clock. He looks a lot like Black Doom from the "Shadow The Hedgehog" game. I was kind of expecting more of a climax. It just seemed a little pointless to be showing it go into night and then really have nothing come out of it.

There are so many clocks I could have sworn I saw a GoldenClock who looked nothing like this. I guess I just thought he would resemble a gold bar more. The animation in this was fairly standard and if nothing else, it was harmless. You could, however, use some more jokes and action. I liked the child voice at the end.

KombuchananClock responds:

Still at it and still getting dates wrong, huh?

Shine on, Ericho.

Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2010
8:56 AM EDT