Kill Me!

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Help the disillusioned superhero 'Invincible Man', who has grown tired of his special ability to resurrect upon death. The building that guards his only cure (a drink that kills him forever) is protected with many dangerous sharp and pointy objects.

Use the arrowkeys and the spacebar to reach the exit. Each screen represents a new level, gradually getting tougher and tougher, until Invincible Man can finally grab his cure and experience the sweet relief of death. Press escape if you want to pause, restart or if you are stuck and want to see a walkthrough.


Great gameplay, poor plot.

This is one heck of a good game. Loved the gameplay. Great ideas. It all fits together without being unrealistic. Flawless. Good graphics. Good content. Challenging. Lot of levels. Difficulty : Hard. Two minuses though are that the plot is a bit goofy, Mr Invincible Man goes to top secret base to get potion (too classic) and all the levels do not really relate to a top secret base. Lastly, my second minus is that the engine is a bit rough and it is sometime really hard to do do what we want to do without getting frustrated. However, overall it is a great game but a bit boring. Btw, good ambient music.

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funny and good

funny love the game and great plot to it

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Great plot. Not too difficult or easy. Good graphics. I really like how you can jump on your own dead body xD

Good stuff

I think I played this game before on your guys site. Very cool concept. I really liked your implementation of the puzzles and how everything worked together with the dying mechanic.

Pretty good game, no originality.

This is basically seppukittens except you play as people instead of cats.

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4.11 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2010
7:40 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle