Keep your penis short!

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if you dont keep that big long penis short....you may suffer the same fate as i do
longer isnt always better! :(

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Dude... srsly... You are one hell of a crazy bastard :D

thespammer responds:

yeah i hav problems lol :3

Singing voice

So emotional! I nearly cried after witnessing his frustration at the end.

thespammer responds:

Ive gotten somewhat used to my prosthetic...somewhat :/

A brilliantly designed, but emotionally shallow ro

Disregarding the ethics of such expenditure on a film, this unprecedented extravagance has not resulted in sophisticated or even very satisfying storytelling (11 Oscars notwithstanding). The main problem concerns characterisation and structure. A framing device in which contemporary fortune hunters question a now ancient survivor, followed by a romance between upper-crust but frustrated Rose (Winslet) and a poor but plucky artist (DiCaprio), entails not only a needlessly protracted build-up to the collision, but primitive plotting and performances

thespammer responds:

Yes. Yes indeed.
and penis.


that was the most fucked up peice of shit i ever saw

thespammer responds:

Good, you got teh message :3


It's awecome,I didnt know you are good artist and animator. :3 10/10 5/5
Let's fuck.

thespammer responds:

naw im no artist, just a retartded gay nigerian. :P