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This is my first ever voiced over flash animation.

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Serves apple right(and awesome job on this)

I get their crap is nice to look at, but not afford, but can it DO anything? Can it download off the net? What about proper storage and expansions? What about being able to drag and drop random files and folders into the supposed flash storage for transport, and later retrieval at school/work/internet deprived lands?
No? Well isn't THAT strange...

All in all, Android will end up toppling apple when it comes to computing on the mobile(and possibly PC) platform.

I mean, come on;
*clearly superior interface,
*properly customizable,
*EXPANDABLE memory/storage,
*their android marketplace isn't full of shovelware(yes, itunes, I'm looking at YOU),
*and the WIDE range of devices makes it seem like you're in a candy store.

Go wander in an apple store, and what do you see? about 5 portable devices, and shelves upon shelves of overpriced accessories. Oh, and what appears to be some kind of computer? OH, I see, it's supposed to be light-weight. Hmm...where is the section where they have the replaceable batteries for the ipods? Wait. I have to what? Pay to have it replaced? Can't I just buy the-? Warranty, R U SRS!?

Now, your submission will end up getting bashed by the apple fanboys, maybe even some hate from them, but they don't know anything; ignore them.

Not a bad start

For being your first voice over, well done. The Apple seemed a bit muffled however. I do like this concept and think it could go places. Only thing that would have made this better? If it was a Safari browser and not Firefox lol.

Ethrock responds:

Actually the voice overs were done by my Cousin. The animation and art work and such was my portion. But thanks!

it was pretty boring

monotonic voices for the most part make me not interested in the conversation at all as well as their lack of movement...they dont have to walk but at least have them interact when they are speaking good ending tho lol its a good start but if you spent more time developing it to make it better and more fun to watch then it would be a much better video

It was funny

I like the humor in this one and the cultural relevance, but the audio was muffled and the sound effect for the Google beat down needed more "ooompf".

Didn't see that coming

Not the falling letter at least. All you need is the PC and Mac theme music, and your talking business.

Ethrock responds:

Lol, thanks. I was considering having more audio components, and I think if I do another episode of this (which I may) I'll end up adding more audio components. Thanks for the suggestion!