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Final animation for my senior graphic design class. We were instructed to make a story with a beginning, middle and end, sound effects, and optional voice/music. For the longest time, I couldn't think of a topic to make a story about. Then one day, some guy was riding my tail all the way to the college. I got so pissed I wished I could do something about it. This became my vent.
Enjoy my fantasy scenario!

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just awsome

CyborgCactus responds:

thanks a lot man!

i liked it

me personaly, id have major roadrage and lose my mind, ha! i think it was very good, and the plot was good also, alittle tame for my taste but still it was a good job

CyborgCactus responds:

if it wasnt for a class, i probably would have done more with it.

Its... good...

That was pretty entertaining but i was a bit disapointed wit the ending. The build up was great although i was expecting something more interesting at the very end. I cant really give u an example but you know maybe if the dragon blows up the car behind or something i dunno...

This was great!

I liked this animation a lot! It was well-drawn, the voices had emotion in them (unlike other animations), and it was funny. I laughed when the dragon popped out and the guy screamed. Hopefully you got a great grade on this, because this was fantastic!

CyborgCactus responds:

Im really glad you enjoyed it! thanks

Hella funny

This was pretty cool, It was a bit glitch at the end but that might have been my fault, I like high quility.

I thought he was going to transform into a robot or somthing but that was definatly cool too!

CyborgCactus responds:

thanks alot!