My Sakura Fanart

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All of the art was done on Sakurachan.ivygardens.net . My ex drew like one thing on here~ The last two pics are me painted as Konan and Sakura


it's okay

You should get a drawing book that breaks down the human form. And learning proper proportioning goes a long way in improving your art.

It looks like you're better with the chibi style than anything else.

not bad

bit more hentai in there than i expected
loved the song

mangagirl823 responds:


pretty good but...

your pics were pretty well drawn~ however the lines could use more definition in that they looked scratchy and didn't fit the picture as an outline and made them all look like doodles rather than art. The actual doodle pages are permissable. Shading is also a good idea i saw some slight shading but that was it. overall the chibis were cute the regular pics were nice the hentai wasnt really my thing but still well drawn. Also nice pic of you in there~ overall pretty good for an art gallery

mangagirl823 responds:

Thanks, next time I'll make sure to have more definition. I definately need more shading DX Thanks for the advice! I'll keep it in mind!

submit to art portal instead.

this is nothing but an art gallary. You should just take this are and put it is the art portal so that each can gets a unique rating.

Also, some of the art is stupid porn, which I can't support.

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mangagirl823 responds:

Obviously its an art gallery -_-' But its more of a slide show! Its hentai, the rating is 17+ cuz of it!

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Jun 16, 2010
10:05 PM EDT