Sweatshop Boy

June 16, 2010 –
November 20, 2017
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Press F and J consecutively to put effort into your work.

Work hard while your supervisor is near, but overworking will cause you to pass out!


Preachy. Arrogant whiteys.

I believe this happens in Bulgaria a lot?

Dude his salary begins with 0.001!!! WTF poor guy, also hard to survive!!


Human Cruelty!poor boy!

I love that you went as far as to just throw this issue out there. People shouldn't get mad, this is actually what goes on. You're just not making it sad. I like that. 5 stars, bro :)

Realy ? how is this a game ?

Enough said...

I agree with the "Art games still have to be games" camp. Art games must games as much as they are art.

I appreciate the message, it's an awful, tragic scenario that plays out everyday. You have the art down. But this no game, as there's no gameplay. Actually quite important, that.

I started liking your "art games", but this is enough, you can't keep making shit and justify them with saying "it's an art game", there is so many awesome games that are art, but this shouldn't be called "game". You are to worried about the message of the game, without thinking about the gameplay (being an art game isn't an excuse to making the gameplay a shit)

And I noticed that yours is "the message", good for you, I love the music of the game .. just for that ..

Okay, I'm pretty sure most people get the message: life working in the sweatshop sucks immensely. Sweatshop workers lead poorer, shorter lives than those in 1st world countries. But if I may be a voice of dissent here, let's take a look at the broader picture.

Prior to the sweatshops showing up, these were struggling to survive, because there was basically zero infrastructure -- no electricity, running water, SANITATION SERVICES, schools, or any of the other things most/all of us take for granted. At the very least, the sweatshops require some infrastructure, which, with time and effort, will improve the lives of everyone there as it build up the local economy. It won't happen overnight, and the process CAN be subverted into slave labor. That said, I submit that it's more of a positive than a negative.

For what it's worth, there are plenty of sweatshops where workers are asking the companies to EXPAND and provide job opportunities for family members, ie, money. While life in the sweatshop sucks compared to what we have, many people there clearly view it as an improvement compared to what their lives were like before. As poor and short as life is in the sweatshop, beforehand it was WORSE, not better.

If you think the answer to sweatshop life is to just go and tear down the sweatshops, then I think you're being foolishly short-sighted. It's better to focus on building up the local infrastructure, so that the people can reach the point that they no longer NEED to work in a sweatshop to make ends meet. That's a far more moral action than to force them back into their impoverished, factory-free lives.

As a message, it works, as a game, it is worth nothing. Message games can be interesting, but only if they work well as games. Since this simply isn't entertaining at all, I have to give it a 0.

Very simple game, but i think its ok, i got the message. :)

Graphics and gameplay is good, but the thing here is the message. Absolutely boring game, absolutely laborious, completely meaningless.

The game is too simple, but the message gets across. It's just a bit boring, but then again, the game may be just about the message.

but then again, what do i know?

I mean this game is difficult, but i understand how that in real life, these poor kids have it 1,000x worse, if not far more.

When I first saw this game I expected a long game with a overly detailed storyline involving the wrong of sweatshops. I'm happy to see that it properly expresses the horror of sweatshops without having any controls but F and J simple and perfect for getting the point across.

I liked and understood it. It was rather good.

No, I will not post what I believe it means. I wont let those other lazy bastards (the other "reviewers") read into the game if they dont put any effort into thinking about it farther than the surface.

I guess it's an ok game, but it's just not making a very deep statement. Of course sweatshops are bad, but there needs to be more substance. It's like writing a thesis statement, but the thesis only states the obvious- something that everyone knows. A thesis, like this game, needs to incorporate a personal reaction or solution to the given statement.
Nice try, though.

Because this is unplayable. They it has the charade of a game, a virtual form of engagement, what it depicts is from hell, and further yet supports pretty much all western life. Being as privileged as we are, we are simply unwilling to play it, as it is not required of us.

Reminds me of the time Fulp joked that Newgrounds was unblocked by China.

Don't really agree with the message that sweatshops are horrible. Sure, sweatshops are bad, but compared to what? They could be working out in the fields dying from dehydration and heat exhaustion. Anyway, Sweatshops normally pay more than those jobs. Bah, I could argue the semantics but it was a decent game. Trendy pixel fun.

Great meaning. I knew this before and many other things but this game actually pointed out the destructive flaws in society. It's disgusting.

Probably the only game on NG that shows this kind of meaning.

I played "Pray For Good Fortune" before this one, and although I'm really glad to see games that make you think on NG, I don't really see the point ?
Oh yeah, make you think. I'll rate 7 instead of 5 then.

I agree with anyone who thinks this! as a game it is shit! but the message is great! i mean everyone puts their messages of how bad people have it in flashes... but as a game we know how hard their job is. i seriously had no idea how bad they had it! i mean i heard it was bad but this game just opens me eyes! cheers man

the music rocks!

It had a good and simple strategy to it and reminded me of the old games... but it is a bit difficult. Pretty good game overall!

While normally i dont like games with "meanings" I really enjoyed the look and old sound of it.

Good job!

you have to click the screen in order to activate it. also this game was overly simplistic and boring i like the message of it thought. I didnt quite understand how to play the game though i would always die really fast or get caught, i tried to keep it in middle but then i would get caught then too.

This is rating on my worst game ever list...
Half of the time I couldn't get F+J to eben work....
Bad animation, annoying music, and just plain boring...

One of the best arguments I've seen in months for "Games are art!" Simple gameplay, but learning to master it is enjoyably difficult. The road to earning a single yen is hard, but that simply strengthens the message of this game.

this game doesn't even work, F and J keys don't do anything, no matter how slow or how fast you type them. how the hell did this game make the front page, it's horrible

Looks like a lot of people are missing the point here.

Anyway, not much of a game. More like a political statement. Well done, though.

seems to understand what you are trying to convey in this game
the keys worked fine
visuals and sound isnt what i would have gone for for this game but ok
i managed to survive past 8 walk-bys of the supervisor before passing out :P

even typing skills at over 100 words per minute on f and j over and over doesn't do a thing.
save ur self the trouble and DON'T MAKE ANOTHER GAME!!!!!!

This isnt game that shouldnt have been made in the first place. Every game has an award when completing a task. The reward. NOTHING.

this game is soo stupid and the whole F+j thing doesent really go good at all..theres no point to this game....no upgrades no nothing..just pure....f+J....and its so stupid..who sowe;s so hard that they passout in a matter of seconds ?...cmon dude...

Ive seen better games and have played better games. I honestly expect this game to be more fun and exciting. And the music isnt the best. But the graphics are more old style, liek street fighter. Any i am hoping for your next game and hopeful its different

I feel I'm getting dumber just thinking about this game.
But.. People! There's no message! It's just another game based on another situation, and if you can't handle that it's based on a sucky situation because it makes you feel bad about your own lifestyle, then don't take it out on a flash-game creator... Still, the fact that the game just wasted 15 seconds of my life I'll never get back, now that is a reason. (and the extra minute it took writing this was absolutely nescessary for my frustration)

Pressing F and J does not work. The game in whole is pointless.

the message is, you don't make good games. ps, look into your history book and you will see that America was built by slaves and sweatshops, it's not pretty, but it's life. the rich feed off the poor. so why not give up some of your own luxury items and your own luxury time (for starters, do you really need a computer? it might be good a good thing to get rid of since you just completely failed at making this game) and then you could go to the third world countries and protest these sweatshops. I'm sure the workers who are in them and supporting a family of 12 on one income would love to have you shut down their livelihood. Try to make the conditions better? better pay? then the sweatshops just move to another country. Why don't you just make a game about shooting a farm animal into space and leave the humanitarian work to the professional hippies.

the whole "message" here is not only an old one, its one that everyone and there mother is ALREADY AWARE OF..... not to mention the really horrid graphics, game play and even your message is stunted by the meager attempt to build a game of it.

As Kangfet says, Welcome to the world, its not fair and it sucks, no one wants to be reminded of this in a game. Now were you to change it to a "boys revenge upon the sweatshop that killed his parents" it would have been at least cool enough to hold my attention for more than 2 seconds.

Thank goodness the little boy gets replaced, or my new pair of Nike's might not be ready in time.

The game was too hard. I know that your trying to spread the message but frankly im not here to learn about Sweat Shops. All i can say is


Good social awareness game, should maybe include some links to organizations actually working to shut these kinds of things down. Also, wagnerben, you could not BE more wrong. Sweatshop labor is nothing more than slave labor, period. Stop drinking the corporate kool-aid.

it's a cute game and i see what you're trying to say, but sweat shops are not a bad thing...those children don't work because they have to, they work because they're desperately poor...and most of the sweat shops actually pay their workers quite a bit more than the average income in their country...it seems like a little to us, but that's exchange rate, my friend

It's pretty symbolic, but its about as fun as working at a sweatshop... I give it 5 because it had a message.

but it might as well be a gif.file

Pretty simple game, with a poignant message. Obviously not supposed to be fun which some users miss out on, but actually get across the point that sweatshop factories are frustratingly high pressured.

This game wasn't supposed to be fun, people. It's a freaking simulation of what a sweatshop is really like. You people say mundane and repetitive, and whatever, but isn't that really what a sweat shop is like? Open your eyes, these are the people that make the $1.00 clothes you people buy. See that yen counter on the top? 100 yen translates into about $1. See if you can even make 1 yen.

poor sweat shop boys, the perfect world we'd have little boys making our wallets and the girls would sexually relieve us on command. that should be the sequel 'sweaty dick girl' and she just absolutely sucks you right off when you press F and J, she strokes the shaft with 'F' and sucks with 'J' lol

At first sight, this game looks really retarded. Yet again, it's not. I find it fun, and indeed, it depicts the true life in a sweatshop. Working your ass off 'till you can't continue due to exhaustion.

Notice how everyone behind a sewing machine looks the same as the guy next to them? And when you fail due to one reason to another, you're taken away? It's implied that those who aren't able to keep up doing what they're there for, they just get thrown away and substituted with someone else. And it's all about the cheap labor.

10/10 5/5 from me.

"Could use medals."
"I'd like to see more gameplay elements."
"Lol, wut, you can't not die!"

This simulation game is amazing not because of its mechanics, but because it seeks to be mundane and infuriating, just like real sweatshop life. It's making a statement. It's satire. Real satire. Not Family Guy "satire."

Well done.

What a waste of time. Not fun and heavy handed.

Pretty good idea, but could have used some more features to keep it from becoming stale quickly.

Just how it would be as a sweatshop boy. If you dont work hard enough you will fail, and if you work your ass out you will fail

Man, eff this game too! It is so ridiculously hard. Kids dont deserve that crap.

Another powerful message told by a simple as heck game.

so if the boss catches you while your meter isnt in the red, you get carted off? Unfair working conditions have never been so much fun!

thats probably what being a sweatshop boy is like

I think I am doing what the game wants then I get carted off then the other time I over work myself and pass out from over working. It feels kind of like I damned if I do and I damn if I don't. I do not understand you are suppose to f and j together right? So why does it work sometimes and others no.I do have to give it to this game for creativity. Neat idea. The music does get old quickly and becomes bothersome. Other than that it is not bad game just not great.I give it 4 out of 10.

realistic video games are a big part of the evolution of gaming and show how they can spark learning and understanding in the youth of today's western culture that tend to have very limited knowledge of lands, people and cultures beyond their own.


no skill involved, just boring spamming of buttons.

And the message was less about child workers, and more about workers in general.

The tune is pleasant.
Is it wrong that I laughed/thoroughly enjoyed this?

What the...

But I like the graphics... and the message.

1.393 lol - hard to be a kid worker :(

Not really much to it. Press F and J and keep it in the green but just before the bar will turn yellow and as soon as you see the guy jam them until it's in red. He walks away and you let it get back down to green/yellow and repeat. Got to 0.577 then just bored.

Social scrutiny through online games - your a baller.

Unfortunately the game kinda sucks. Too hard - your need a notifier on the bar that says when your safe and when your not.

I've seen far, far better games which express the hardness of being some sort of third word worker. The awkward controls, the impossibility of playing for more than a minute or two, it's all crap.

It would be better as a sim. Where, theoretically, it was possible to get a better job, but in practise, you stood no chance, and gradually killed yourself.

Yes i do get how it's about some boy who gets beat if he dosen't make 100,000 shirts before three. Frankly i don't care, it's not me and i don't see the boy work so why should i play this dumb game? Quit shoving this crap down my throat when i am not the one doing it. Write a letter or boycott the companys who do this. Don't get preachy on a flash site for people who don't care and even if they do won't do a thing about it.

Got the three stars on the fact that i am 100% positive the boy is being taken to die...

Read all of the instructions about F + J. And I did it, and nothing happened. Sometimes it would work, but only for like a split second.

A story about some boy that works hard only to get some Yen? I like the idea, but realization could be better.

it show how we the players are lucky enough to play a simulation of this game and say that its suck but think of the millions of children who have to do this just so we can get a pair of shoe and some jeans at affordable prices that don't even get pay that much for

And it's a sad thing allot of people don't see it and instead respond by "Herp Derp this game sucks u cant win, repetitive controlls"

And that's exactley the message in my opinion; the kids doing this job can't win, they're living a horrible live of repetitive work for a horrible wage under the gleeming eye of a supervisor who will dispose of them if they dont work their asses off.

This is not a game to be played, it's a game to stand still and think. That's why it's probabley on the Frontpage, not because it's a good game, because it isnt. But because it tries to slap the truth in your face.

As valliant as the message is though, like i said before, to manny miss the message like the idiots they are and give this game a low score.

This is a nice button smasher with retro graphics and music. Most of all, its EXACTLY like the real thing! I made ¥1.421. I est rolling in doe. lmao

Good job though I guess, even though it's flying right over peoples' heads..

I could do this all day! :3

LOL damn supervisors keep firing me! I had some lols
But yeah you need a bit more work on this game, needs more content, stages and such. the music was cool

just like the real thing.

I really don't know if a game is what you wanna use to spread your message. People clicking on games are looking for fun and quick, simple satisfaction. Games like this always simply disappoint the player, and then they couldn't give a damn what the message is.
Rating based on how you try to get the message across, and I simply disagree with trying to get the point across via a game.

Makes no sense really, and your doomed to either pass out get pulled away.

I love games like this that bring attention to an important issue such as this, but does it in a way like this where it doesn't beat you over the head with its message. Plus I'm a sucker for retro-looking sprites.

The controls are about as simple as it gets just 2 keys! The game idea really is not a good topic to do one on. Yes it sends a message, but at the end of a hard days work what do i want to play a game on? One that will remind me of how bad my day sucked or one that makes my jaw drops at its awesomeness? This one is not the ladder of the two for sure.

At first when they grabbed me for the first time for not working hard enough, I thought he summoned his guards to blow my head off with a gun.

At first glance it seems interesting, but far too quickly gets dull and repetitive, theres no point, and I believe I got taken away at some point even when I was working really hard.

The game would be much much better if you had to survive until sleep or eating time, and there are various jobs you do at different days, like, making shoes, making sandals, weaving baskets, instead of just sewing blankets. And you give yourself a breather at lunch, but at night is when you really are victorious, you make money, take the money home to your family, upgrade the house, make a parent happier by affording upgrades for them every once in awhile, like making your father happy and his blisters dissapear by buying him real sandals to replace broken wooden sandals or whatever. And you can also upgrade yourself, and be selfish, like earn enough money to upgrade your room, get a game system, or new clothes. You can also upgrade stats, to make the workload easier, like, improve heart rate, or stamina, or mental fortitude, just some ideas if you really want to make a decent game. Or maybe even work your way up to a guard overseeing the work eventually, or quite possibly the sweat shop owner? Oh and for the guy below me, Strange, if you can't handle this little game, what makes you think you could be a sweatshop worker? You would be slacking all the time too, and wishing you could slack because the work is brutal, its no wonder those kids want to slack, I don't even see why work there since the pay is so little, you'd slack too.

Anyway those are just some ideas, good luck with making games in the future.

4/10 Stars
2/5 Vote Panel

xVegetAx, NG Portal Lieutenant.

As far as I can tell, I'm the only person in the sweatshop that is unable to keep a steady pace without dying.

Also the moral of the story is that sweatshop kids slack off a lot, those hosers.

If it's such a horrible, horrible job, why doesn't Sweatshop Boy work someplace--anyplace--else? Is it because all the other jobs are worse? Pay less? Don't have AC (not that sweatshops always do)? Wouldn't it be better if there were no evil corporations recruiting overseas workers to do labor for them? Instead of working 14 hours in factories earning a few cents an hour, he could be plowing an arid field with his family in the sun all day long, making no money, having no savings, and starving to death.

If all these shops are run by Brown-Shirt wannabees (like in your game), and conditions are worse in them than anywhere else, no one would work there at all (unless they were dragged kicking and screaming to a sewing machine, which would make it painfully obvious that "free trade" isn't the problem). Anyone who wants sweatshop conditions to improve needs to stand up for themselves. The problem isn't a lack of trade laws, but a lack of self-respect and individualist ideals in the communities where these shops are run. Everything and everyone is just a means to an end in those countries. That needs to change. And if the people demand respect and the companies that set up shop there decide to leave, so be it. Until all workers--INDIVIDUALS, NOT GOVT. AGENCIES--recognize their own self-worth and demand it be recognized by their employers, they will forever be at the mercy of the blazing sun and ruthless middle-management.

Oh, and no offense, but the game wasn't very fun to play. It takes a couple of tries to get it right, but the two outcomes arrive so quickly that the message is learned and forgotten almost in the same moment. Maybe make a documentary next time instead? Have Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock narrate to add credibility ;).

If games could receive instant 4's from just simple messages, having a high rating would be easy. A message is something more along the lines of a flash animation then a flash game. See, it'd be better if the game was more well portrayed, I.E. better gaming itself, but the problem is, the game only relies solely on the message itself and basic gaming mechanics.

The message would be better portrayed by describing a more complex system of stamina, which will lead to more features. First off, the workers sometimes would work 16 hours, and forced to sleep in a corner sometimes. Theres a lot more stuff that can be added to this game, and I understand the message. But messages don't make a flash game, gameplay does.
The 2 stars are for the effort.

I am really impressed with the underlying message of this game, it's still a very relevant world issue that we all need to be aware of. Slavery still exists in some parts of the world.

Well , this is trying to show that the workers are getting underpaid even though they worked hard in the factory. and also the risk of getting jobless if they slacked at the supervisor's presence. Good game :)

You're all missin the message for this game. It's trying to show the working conditions of sweatshop workers, and the fact that they have to work hard for lesser than minimum wage, or risk getting fired. And then the fact that people are calling this game crappy and shitty even makes the morale even more important, because like in real life, you guys are acting ignorant and just "Not caring" about sweatshop workers.

Saying this game is crap is saying that all sweatshop workers are boring and nobody should care about them.

Or the Middle East. Or some place with long work hours and little pay and the giant corporations that hire there.

Eh, as a message, I guess it's okay. This kinda stuff is what you learn in school though. Or the news. Not in a game. Maybe it's a good reminder, but eh.

For a more displayed message, try converting the currency to US dollars and a little bit of dark shading under the eyes. Me, I would've put it as animators in Japan. Those guys got it rough.

I've never seen a game as bad as this put onto the front page. This was absolutely retarded.

Most kids on Newgrounds are to young or naive to understand and comprehend the true message this is short game is conveying, but to those who do, congratz.
Anyways, great job for the front page and I hope you have more strong message attached games coming out. You inspire me and many others with your work, keeping making these and you might effect the Newgrounds Generation. Oh yea PRZ18 is a Fagget from Dutch-Asia so dont listen to his little homo ideal of a review. This game is original and addictive and dont let people tell you otherwise. PRZ18 absolutely gives Newgrounds a bad image.
Thanks, Peace Out...
This has been a (Pro Review) by, DeMore

I think to many people are thinking that its supposed to be a fun game. However since its supposed to reflect being a sweatshop worker its supposed to be boring.

There have been more and more "message games" lately. So many of them, that their authors forget about one basic rule - they STILL are the games and they HAVE to be interesting.

Well... this game is about tapping too buttons. I could forgive that if it actually had something to say. But here even the message sucks. What did you want to tell us? That even if we work hard, we won't have very much benefits from it? That overworking is bad for your health? Or did you want us to see how does having job look like in totalitarian countries? If so, then here is my question - why should I care? You did absolutely nothing to make me concerned about this problem. It doesn't even seem that you put any effort into making this flash, so why should I like it?

This is just bad. See ya.

The song kept me going and I acutally made to 3.382 until my fingers got tired and the supervisor had me taken away. The game is actually ridiculously easy, it's just that you really need to work hard for the few measly points. Good message btw, I actually felt like a sweatshop boy. Good work!

I know you're trying to get a message across, but it sucks.


when will the horror end? you bastards

This game is a lesson you idiots,
See the currency in the top,look how much work your doing for that much money,its not alot is it?
Look at the way you have to work hard or you will be taken away,and if you work too hard you will pass out
he or she is trying to get a message across to you lot and your just going "LUL TOO HARD"

When it comes down to games that really have a message behind then, people usually just turn their noses around, simply because the game is not to fun or easy enough (a sweatshop boy´s life isnt supoused to be easy or fun so...yeah...). Now, try to conscientise teenagers...Is just ask to be retaliated.

this game isn't about succeeding!
it's about the life as an sweatshop boy. you already lost the game when you've started it! frustrating? yeah! and now imagine the real life as a sweatshop boy!

great job! i wish there would be some more games like this.
in my opinion it's good to break the rules of conventional gaming to transport a message.
you shouldn't feel rewarded to play this. you should feel guilty when you play!

This game is too uninteresting and hard... But in our time even this game is hard to make... So my mark is 6...

All you do is click F and J, and the game is hyper-political. Weak graphics.

Yeah. Just tap alternate keys and see how far you can go without passing out? Two big problems. First you can't get past the supervisor unless you're on red. Second there is NO level of work which won't drain your health, or regain it. I got 3.65 yen by working at a conservative pace except when the guy comes.

Look, this game may be informitive but that's no excuse to break the laws of conventional gaming. First and foremost is that people should feel rewarded playing it.

I made 1 ¥ and then passed the hell out!!! Food for the whole family!!!!

Controls, nothing more than just alternatively pressing two buttons. But hey, there's actually a way to play on without getting caught or passing out, while also getting good score per second.

The current productivity level in which you're at (the vertical bar) has three functions:
Firstly, it determines the amount of money you get per second.
Secondly, it determines how easily you'll get caught and kicked out by the supervisor (red, at around 70% of the bar is a definite pass; the supervisor will leave you alone. any lower and the supervisor will get suspicious, with time taken to kick you out decreases the lower your current level of productivity.)
Thirdly, it determines your loss of health over time. At the green zone (below 50%) you recover health. When it is yellow (between 50% to 70%), you lose a small amount of health per second, and when it is red (between 71% to 100%), you lose a lot of health, with 100% being the highest loss over time.

With these mechanics understood, the way to safely keep yourself playing (or at least, until you get bored/tired and go do something else,) is to keep your productivity at yellow, shift it to red when the supervisor comes, and when he leaves, lower it back to yellow. If your health is at 50% or below, lower it to green, just slightly below yellow, and shift it back when it is full just in case the supervisor comes back.

Doing so will keep your health in the safe levels to carry on playing the game. The reason why keeping the bar at yellow when your health is okay is because going any lower will take too long to raise it back to red before the supervisor kicks you out, ending the game.

As the difficulty never shows any signs of increasing throughout the course of the game (maybe your fingers will get twitchy, that's all,) it is actually possible to keep playing this game on infinitely. But who'd want to actually do that? There's definitely a better thing out there to do with your time.

Unless....there were medals, or a high score board or something...

Great message conveyed in this game, overall. perhaps a role reversed version of this game would be nice, playing as the supervisor instead...? It would be fun, having to find a good balance of kicking and keeping your "slaves".

the message is clear. after a while you get a routine going in it become way to easy and repetitive and got bored and stoped.

the game could be much better, like by using music to set the tempo for working

not to mention i bet no one can make 1 yen at this sweatshop (i made half of one once!)

i hope you made the game like this with only the message in mind, and thats a very sad thing to say

It's an okay game maybe add medal's that would be cool

I find it hard to NOT get caught. Trying to recover my hp and the guy RUSHES in. Seems impossible D:

not really, but this game is fun.

This game was awesome!
I can't believe those kids get to play this game every day in real life AND get paid to do it!

I'm so jealous.


they bleed :(

It's an effective way of conveying this message.

This is not so much a game as an interactive short.
The stupidly simple and repetative nature of this game is part of the message.

Made an impression on me.

The 9 I gave is for the message, not for the game. The message is clear for everyone, that is a good thing. About the game: are you kidding me?!? There is no real challenge and the music is terrible. I get your idea and like it, but you could have put more effort into the game itself.

Ignorance is NOT bliss.

This is the dumbes game I have ever played in newgrounds. Worse than "life of a pacifist" and ryocopter. All you do is press FJ when the supervisor arrives and if your stamina is ok you get caught. When your stamina is peaking up, you pass out. What a stupid game!!!

Maybe this is my first or second post in all of newgrounds... And is to say... C'mon!
One of the very few games with a real world message and only 1 positive review?
Not everything has to have boobs or dick jokes to be good...

This was a message. You are goddamn childish morons.

The whole concept is original and the message given is good. But other than that, game gets boring after a while and there is nothing more to it than pressing two buttons...

but it needs easier controls

Good message, but next time make the game much easier.

I understand that with the fact that this game is more a message than a thrilling game, which in certain ways I respect.

The way if you don't work yourself to death, you'll be replaced by factory owners and even working like mad will only earn you a pittance; no matter how much effort you put in.

However, I think to keep up interest in the game and therefore the message, if you had made the gameplay more engaging I would have felt more involved. If there had been various gameplay modes or minigames etc it would have been greatly improved.

But I did like the style and music of the piece.

Easy gmaeplay, but gets really hard on the fingers. If you are in the green when the foreman walks by he gets you immediately, if you are in the yellow you have about 2 seconds to get into the red.

but fun. I made 1.7 yen!

If you don't do anything long enough his stamina recovers... Just make sure you start working before the foremen comes back.

Loved the game.

this went WAY over looked!

im a big fan of ur shit man!


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2.88 / 5.00