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Stop the Kittens

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Edit: Doing a make sure test real quick after upload and saw a bug with the timer, fixed it.

Took down the old version to make some corrections; first off, I've balanced it so people who are bad at the game can play easily, while at the same time aiming for a higher score is difficult, let me know how that worked out, also added a timer so that you aren't just clicking for an indefinite amount of time.

Shoot the Kittens trying to get into the portal for 1 point, and shoot the spam for 10 extra seconds.

I do listen to feedback and take it to heart, which is why I redid this to be better. I'll consider all constructive feedback and advice to try to improve my future submissions.


better than the first...

with content and concept. But everything does move too fast like Schitzree said.

Galdon responds:

Actually, it only moves fast if you do. Interesting thing, if you are slow, the kitten target stays put for 1.5 seconds, but if you hit it, it vanishes and reappears somewhere else for the remainder of that time. If you are swift you can try to keep up with the high speed chase, and if you are slow you can hit them as they come mostly.

No Spam, thank you

This is better then the first version, though not by a lot. Too much spam. ;)

It needs something to balance, like something you DON"T want to click by acident. otherwise you can just keep clicking all over the screen at random. maybe something that looses you 5 sec.

Maybe some temperary powerups as well.

Galdon responds:

I'll definitely keep that in mind for the next game I do, probably not going to update this one again as that will just get old.


Kind of repetitive, and the cats moved way too fast.

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1.66 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2010
3:56 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed