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Stubout Joe

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It's not often that something comes along that is both fun and has a serious end benefit but that's exactly what you get with Stub Out Joe.

Stub Out Joe is a complex and challenging platform game in which the player must stub out the diabolical Smokey Joe over 4 levels from the city to the rainforest. Tough enough to be stimulating for young people, the game contains carefully placed nuggets of information designed to put them off smoking.

At the end of each level there are smoking related questions which unlock the next stage but they barely slow down the action in this engaging and fun game for the British Heart Foundation.


Inboxgames Team

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doesn't work didn't get to play it, retard

Not the worst.

The controls were good, the art was good, the subject matter was good, but there wasn't any heart in it. If you really want to get a message across, you need something unique and fun yet also carrying the anti-smoking warning.

Game play

I'm not saying an anti smoking game is a bad idea, but it has been pulled of in a way that wasnt very fun to play. I think you need some more chalanges and less tedious levels. Also the music could use some improvement. This game makes all smokers seem like bad people rather than cigoretts seem like a bad idea which could use improving. I can see this being a good game if you released a second version.


And people say tobacco companies feed people lies. The anti-smoking campaigns are just as bad. Your 'facts' are half truths that in some instances border on blatant bull. I don't know if you are just that poorly informed, that zelotous, or just don't care about the truth. But what is so horrible about simply stating the facts as they stand rather than what supports your cause of the moment? If the cause is worth having the whole truth won't harm it.

As for the actual game, it was pretty mediocre. The gameplay was functional but felt lacking. Selecting what the player dresses like should not be left up to randomization. In fact that is annoying and time consuming (though given the way you handle 'facts' it isn't suprising). The characters movement is slugish, the goals are repetative. And even if one doesn't pay attention to the 'factoids' the quiz is always answered with the most anti-smoking answer available (sad).

Overall uninteresting, perveted facts, and mediocre gameplay. 5/10 and that is generous.