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Exxon Valdez: the Game!

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This is a little game we made for a history project. It took us about 3 days, its not too complex. Enjoy.


*rolls eyes*

Tasteless, but it's a very good game. But y'know, that spill's STILL causing hell up there. The oil that wasn't removed, it's all sunk to the bottom, and that's where a lot of life is, like the abalone shells what the sea otters eat.
I can see it now. A sea otter picks up a pay-phone that's standing on a pole right in the middle of a kelp forest.
Otter: Hey doc, is the diagnosis finished yet? ... I see... so I couldn't have done anything to stop it... those oil company kwweeikghs... you really don't want to know... ngwahh, so how long've I got?...
... I... see... ... no, no, it's okay, you're just doing your job... I know, hospitals don't take otters, and there aren't too many vets who... alright... I guess that's all I can do... Well, thanks, doctor... bye...
(He sits there for a while) Gwughb. [TRANSLATION: aw, shit]
(He looks at the horizon) Well, it's pretty clear what I gotta do now... wug [f**k] every hot otter babe I see.

Yes, I went on a weird rant. It was worth it. This game is good.


I love how the ship handles in the game.

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it waz great i waz amused by it really not that bad the sound got annoying after a wile but i got over it lol keep up the good work!

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it was fun

it was a good game
the exxon valdez clamed the most animal lives in the world
the second largest technological disaster in the world :,(


I can define this game with only one word: BORING.
The game over screen took too long to happen. There weren't great sounds and musics, neither good graphics.
Only one more thing: the worst thing that can happen to someone is to lose at the final of the last level and have to re-start the whole game by the 1st level.

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3.28 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2002
11:53 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid
  • Daily 3rd Place June 11, 2002