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Note: This is the official release to Newgrounds of the Game stolen a few days ago by someone pretending to be me :( , if you've already played it, please vote how you liked it, though you should now play it with it's proper aspect ratio, it's much better :D

The idea behind this game was to push how large of a single Movieclip I could make each level, and in the process pay tribute to my absolute favourite game on the PS2, Shadow of the Colossus, which hopefully will be seeing an HD re-release on PS3 soon!

Play as a mysterious Pale Man of the North in a quest to rid the Kingdom of a most unusual plague, and in the process win the throne to the empire!

I hope you enjoy this little cinematic style game, I've really tried to squeeze the atmosphere in. Featuring music from Duncan Fenn of The Red Swan Hotel,which you should defintely check out in the link to the side and the as usual brilliant http://www.Incompetch.com


Can't copy my review from the stolen version

I've always enjoyed your games, no surprise I liked it even when you didn't upload it lol.

But like I said before, I love the atmosphere in the game. You made a lot of great choices in where to reveal information and not at the beginning of the game. Very immersive for a flash game, even if inspired by Shadow of the Colossus.
Story made me play through to the end.

The only problem is that there isn't much to the gameplay other then vanilla platforming. I know I'm climbing these epic creatures, but it's just jumping from platform to platform to get to the top. No really challenging parts, puzzles, or enemies. If it had more gameplay depth it would be 10.

I should've known something was off when the guy uploaded the game at the wrong ratio, without an icon. I thought he was just new to the portal.

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The-EXP responds:

Cheers Mr Skeik, always a pleasure when you play my games. The gameplay was confined in alot of ways to what could easily be done with the collision, but yeah I kept it simple, maybe in a sequel or somethign I'll add in a more robust climing engine and some physical style puzzles.

Jesus Christmas.

Really incredibly cinematic. Obviously contrived from SOTC, but in a totally acceptable way that makes it claim its own originality.

plus, the little man was kick-ass to control, what with his kneeling and praying and jumping and stabbing.

only problem is the water, because every time he jumps in he seems to be wearing IRON BOOTS OF STEEL.

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The-EXP responds:

Yeah, as said before SOTC is the bomblets. Thanks for playing.

already played but will definitly again:)

enough said oh and by the way i just orderd it on the internet im playing it excactly 4 weeks... damn...

The-EXP responds:

Ordered what from the internet? SOTC? If so good choice!

Very Fun

I won't say it was an entirely original concept, Shadow of Colossus kind of beat you to the punch on that one, but I will say that it was a fun game to play. You should definitely continue to improve on this idea.

Awesome Game

A little anti-climatic at the end, but other than that, great story and not much lag with it either.

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4.42 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2010
6:33 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other