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LL - B&

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My first flash in awhile. I've improved a lot since then, and I know this doesn't exactly show it. I just really wanted to finally submit something. Expect MUCH more in the future. :)

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Flashing lights near the end, so it's your own fault if ya get a seizure, blah, blah, blah, you've been warned...

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Haha, i liked it.

Pretty good quality flash, but you're right it is too short. It should have an epic battle scene.

RedBartlettLock responds:

Meh... I just wanted to put out something that's half decent.

What the hell?

I can see you have improved a lot since the last time you made something but there are a few problems (not harsh) with it. It's a bit too short and there really isn't much of a story line, after watching it left me saying "What the hell?". But I like the improved art style and it is a bit funny. So all in all it's an enjoyable short.

RedBartlettLock responds:

Yeah, it's just Master and he has a BAN wand. So he was chasing me down... Wanting to ban meh. That's it really. No real storyline but it isn't just completely random.


was this all just randomness, or did I miss something?

RedBartlettLock responds:

No, it wasn't just total randomness. You jut need to know somewhat about the LL to understand it.

Pretty awesome


RedBartlettLock responds:

Thanks, good sir.

Absolutely Fantastic

I thoroughly enjoyed this flash, it was funny the graphics were nice and clean, and the animation was smooth. Although it was short it was still great.

RedBartlettLock responds:

Wow! Coming from Stress? Much appreciated, man. Much appreciated.