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<blank> (0m41s)

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Author Comments

Edit: Please excuse the lack of an icon. For some reason it isn't showing up on the portal (yet, oddly enough it is showing up in my profile).

I've been wanting to choreograph the song <blank> by character for a very long time (I did it before but it didn't meet my goal). I guess the visuals were inspired by my remorse for spending too much time on videogames and websurfing.

I appreciate reviews and will respond to all. Please be constructive with your criticism.



This is subrrealist, and I love it, looks like esay to do, but not to think!
I dont know why you have got so low rate...

Surn responds:

If you'll take a look below, the review crew emphasize shortness and lack of color as a problem.


What can I say??
I really liked this little one.
I probably watched this like 6 times, so I could see the little details that you put in there, like the movement of the second guy's mouth. I think my only complain would be that you didn't put the complete song, I mean, when the credits appear the music just stops suddenly, it would be better if the song just fade out.
About the visuals, I love frame by frame animation, so I have no complains about this.
Good one man!!!!
Also, sorry for taking so long on reviewing (and sorry if there are spelling mistakes, my english is not very good)

Surn responds:

Thanks for the review. You do make a good point with the abrupt music ending. While I did in a sense use the whole song (the rest of it is just that white noise) I could have done a fade out. I'll be sure to make that change in the next version.

The stuff nightmares are made of

I'm pretty sure I will never sleep again after watching that.

Surn responds:

Let's hope you don't.


oh god, that was frightening

Surn responds:

I'll take that as a compliment. If it really did scare you I would recommend not hitting right-click play at the end.

Nice and Simple

-While not the most interesting music to use as the base for this animation it had that odd sense of just pulling you into it with the beginning notes. The song stays rather consistent and doesn't leave you much to work with in the long run since it is less than a minute long.

-The animating fit nicely with the song which is the best thing going for this animation considering it's so short. There were tons of things going on at the start but you just seemed to run out of ideas towards the end when everything was enveloped by the alien head thing that came out of the screen. Wobble is okay for me but it was a little overdone and the drawings could of come out cleaner.

-Review Request Club

Surn responds:

"had that odd sense of just pulling you into it with the beginning notes."
Interesting, Wonder how I could replicate that effect again.

"seemed to run out of ideas at the end"
The "alien head" consumed everything, giving me little to work with.

"Wobble is okay for me but it was a little overdone and the drawings could come out cleaner."
From what people are saying it sounds like if one uses the "wobble effect" they should not use it as much as I did.

Thanks for the input, it was helpful.

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Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2010
6:11 AM EDT
Music Video