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Edit: Please excuse the lack of an icon. For some reason it isn't showing up on the portal (yet, oddly enough it is showing up in my profile).

I've been wanting to choreograph the song <blank> by character for a very long time (I did it before but it didn't meet my goal). I guess the visuals were inspired by my remorse for spending too much time on videogames and websurfing.

I appreciate reviews and will respond to all. Please be constructive with your criticism.



This is subrrealist, and I love it, looks like esay to do, but not to think!
I dont know why you have got so low rate...

Surn responds:

If you'll take a look below, the review crew emphasize shortness and lack of color as a problem.

Simple and quite effective

Not really a bad piece, with all things considered - the movements of the characters in here mesh nicely with the sounds, which was always nice to see, thought the main limitation was the fact that it's only 45 seconds long.

I thing that the best way forward with this is to make more solid looking images, as opposed to the really thin lines like you currently have, as it does look a little "wobbly" in places, with the lines being so thin.

The only other thing I could really advise you to do is to add more of a splash of colour to the proceedings, as black and white isn't the best way to cover the ground here. Still good work and keep it up!

[Review Request Club]

Surn responds:

"more solid looking images" Next time I do frame-by-frame I'll keep it in mind to work on keeping my lines straight. Thanks for the help and encouragement.

Needs more content

Hmm well i thouoght this was way too "SHORT" the music was really nice and pleasent and it seemed to fit what was going on with the visuals, but again i felt it was just too short and seems like you could have put the effort fourth and really made this into something awsome more then what it is, dont get me wrong its pretty impressive even as short as it may be, by adding more content and more of a story with "BLANK" in mind you started it off great with these odd characters and such, but again just short lived and too short, now as it is black and white thats pretty cool, i think you could have added abit of "COLOR" even if just a touch, so with all that said, things that could make this better are ofcourse more "CONTENT" more of a story, abit longer if you will, and then some color not alot as to take away from the Black and white style but something that has just a touch of color, so all and all i did enjoy this, it was just too short, and needed abit more ump to it, good luck on your next entry.

so adding more content and more of a story is a plus, but also Black and white flashes are notbad, but while its black and white, you Should add some color even if just a drop of red or blue here and there, like say a blood drop so that the Black and White reflects more it would be a nice, and would standout abit better, and improving on your Black and White animation, anyways good luck

A very short flash, could have been much better, but it is decent for what it is.


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Surn responds:

I guess the main thing was that I was itching to choreograph the song. It goes without saying that if you choreograph a short song your production will be short. Even so it's still a good point that I should try to look on (nobody would rather eat a fun size chocolate bar). As for the content and color: content/plot would have been difficult (but not impossible) add yet the color would indeed make it look better but it would have needed more than "just a touch".

So to recap I need to:
- Make it longer
- Use color
- Use plot (though I might be able to get away without it [see:ANIMUTATION])
- Overall try harder

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.


What can I say??
I really liked this little one.
I probably watched this like 6 times, so I could see the little details that you put in there, like the movement of the second guy's mouth. I think my only complain would be that you didn't put the complete song, I mean, when the credits appear the music just stops suddenly, it would be better if the song just fade out.
About the visuals, I love frame by frame animation, so I have no complains about this.
Good one man!!!!
Also, sorry for taking so long on reviewing (and sorry if there are spelling mistakes, my english is not very good)

Surn responds:

Thanks for the review. You do make a good point with the abrupt music ending. While I did in a sense use the whole song (the rest of it is just that white noise) I could have done a fade out. I'll be sure to make that change in the next version.


oh god, that was frightening

Surn responds:

I'll take that as a compliment. If it really did scare you I would recommend not hitting right-click play at the end.

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Jun 15, 2010
6:11 AM EDT
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