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Duck Season

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My first animated short

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amazing art and a incredibly unique style keep it up

Nice Jarl

For all of you out there, Jarl is a classmate of mine and you need to understand that this is not a Flash animation, so stuff works differently than you'd expect.

As for the comments that says the movie's not finished, it certainly is.

Maybe you feel that way because it doesn't have a preloader or a proper stop at the end. But that's because he isn't into Flash animation. And another reason is because it's short. But mind you, it's a real handdrawn animation, and it's 40 seconds, which is quite long. Unlike Flash, you can't tween stuff irl, and re-use older graphics.

As for my review, I guess there are still few flaws (which you probably know of). Like the scene with the fisheye, the wagon seems a bit strange.

Maybe you could've spent more attention to the little details, like making the background of your SWF black, so these little whiners wouldn't give you such a low score. Anyhow, if you're planning to upload another movie, ask me and I'll help you out with the actionscripts (like adding a loading bar etc.).

estheban-the-great responds:

thanx for all the great responses and about the movie bieng to short i admit that it would have been better if could show somme more but this is a shool project so i had a deadline and at the end i didn't really liked the movie so mutch so yeah it isn't as good as i hoped it would be but i'm allready thinking about my next one witsh will take half a year but thanx again these comment are a real moral boost
@JaccoNL i'm actualy from belgium but close enough
@DJJ-asshole i'd like to hear what it is that you think is rong whit the fisheye scene?


Reminds me so much of Bill Plympton's work. I've always loved this art style. So what if it's short? This is all handdrawn frame by frame... not an easy feat to accomplish. Hell, Scanner Darkly took 350 manhours per minute to animate!


wouw superb, i realy liked the looks of this. its a pitty rhat you dont see these things very often, the only this that is irritating me badly is the white background of the .SWF, are you going to participate in some kind of film festifal?

I HAD to log in just to write this...

I liked it, everyone saying it not finished, or it needs to be longer and shove something inside of them... The duck gets chased and dies, how is that 'NOT' finished? Also, for short, well, it just fine, it got the point through, I love black and white, and it way better then anything I could ever do... Grats, keep it up, and do some more, I it awsome!