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I wanted to build something confrontational, that would engage players to give thought to what they are doing both in and out of game.

The result is 'Loved' - a short story in the form of a flash platformer.

1. It should be much easier to perform precise drops now
2. Resurrecting inside walls should no longer be possible
3. Slope-related glitching should no longer occur
4. Added a small secret



The idea of an interactive narrator is kind of fun, but you don't give the player any reason to listen to them. The first moments of the game are the narrator insulting my sexuality and worth as a person. Then it claims to love me.


The controls are fucking awful, the constant flashing boxes are annoying as hell, and at times, I literally cannot tell which platforms I can jump through and which I cannot. In addition, the ending is so abrupt and nonsensical that this story didn't get any emotion out of me, at all. Unless you count annoyance as an emotion.

If you want a platformer that actually has a little emotional torque and doesn't have painfully slow control, play Grey. It's lovely. Or heck, play i saw her standing there. It might not be deep, but it's pretty cute, and actually a little touching, and the controls are a joy to handle.

it told me i am a man and that i will fail :)

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the controls are stiff..to bad i didn't finish it because of it :(

Another one of my favorite games. Although I'm not a girl and I did ask for a tutorial and I didn't get one I still laughed at how it said I didn't deserve it. Great game, favorited and five stars!

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Well, at the beggining, i listened to the voice, but soon, i felt as if i couldn't trust it, tthat it was keeping me from being myself, independent, free, and so i rebelled and ran away, because i didn't want to be bossed around. Great game.

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4.36 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2010
8:57 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other

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