Lazer Cat Episode 1

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well you see... its this cat... and he can fly... and shoot lazers.
and also he fights robots.
from space.

yeah so anyways i worked hard on this so i really hope you like it!

another note: i did not do any of the voices
the first policeman and the man in the cafe are voiced by Jefferey... dont know his last name
The voice of the second policeman is Ben Hunter
The voice of the crazy kid that says "Oh my god its lazer cat" is Michael Gutierrez

and also, I know its laser, but it sounds cooler with a Z, plus, i dont really care. HAH


Well done...

The Frame-by-frame animation was excellent, and the movie was well timed and original. If you could just work a bit on the voice acting, the mouth syncing, and overall just buff out the edges from the paint strokes, it would have been absolutely phenomenal.

by the way: try putting the position of the mouth one frame earlier than the sound it's supposed to represent. that way the animation and sound will seem more precisely alligned.

Love it

This is really awesome. I thought it would be better in color at first but then I realized the lack of color made your beautiful hand drawn art style more noticable. Great job! Waiting for episode 2!

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holy sh*t that was ownage

i love laser cat! if this was colored it would be better though

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That animation was really amazing,..

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simple and effective

very nice style of animation using a slow framerate and brush-line drawings. i suggest you stream the audio to make it sync better with your animation.

other than that, well done!

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4.12 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2010
8:16 PM EDT