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This is a short flash animation made for 4chan's /jp/ board. Those on Newgrounds may not understand most of the memes and in-jokes, but if you ever plan on visiting /jp/, this flash shows you what to expect. It is advisable to have watched the original Dragon Ball GT opening first before watching this.

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I wonder how /jp/ actually reacted to this...

It is not familiar, but it makes it up with humor

I've seen a lot of funny flashes here before, but there's a lot of original humor in your video that I found really funny. The animation isn't top-notch compared to the best, but it's far better than a rookie who just started out (the scene where they're flying up was really good). Keep up the good work.

very good

i love dbgt
your parody is incrible you are good animator

So So

I actully like dan dan kokoro hikareteku and DragonBall GT, and the opening, but the animation could be a little better but then again I am not one to talk lol, you did pretty good keep it up man, also kill Yugi! :D

But I don't WANT to watch the DBGT opening first!!

But otherwise, thank you for the helpful video.

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Jun 14, 2010
3:01 AM EDT
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