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Hell for Bread

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Okay, so first off, I'm sorry for the bad quality on this. See, right as I finished animating it and everything, the file got corrupted (don't ask.) Luckily i had saved the .swf of the movie (without sound) before it got corrupted. So i had to convert it to an .mov so i could put sound into it, then import it into flash. thus the quality/ animation suffered a bit. God, something like this ALWAYS seems to happen to me when I'm making a movie...anyone else have that problem?

Synopsis: An innocent piece of bread is sent to Hell via a toaster. Will he escape?

This is really my first GOOD flash that was made...well, entirely in flash. My other animations on here were all drawn by hand and scanned in, because i had no tablet. The flash I made before this one was done with a tablet, but i wasn't used to it so the movie suffered a bit. This one, though, is a lot better, IMHO.
Well that's about it. I hope you like this!

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You were almost there then, FAIL!!

Gets epic near the ending!

Awesome work. To bad about the quality maybe you could just reanimate it. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it to get the best quality.


pretty cool!loved the animation. please make more!


Cool animation even though the quality was downgraded, but problems like your happens. It's the nature of computers. Anyway I like story, now I know what happens in a toaster.

i know what you mean bro

I was about to upload a flash of my own from macromedia flash pro 8 and then the flashdrive id been saving it on got corrupted and needed to be formatted. Thus, all of the files on it would have to be erased to format it. I thankfully saved the swf of it to my comp so i have been trying to translate it back to flash somehow. good job though