My First Gears of Madness

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Hey dont be mean rate me nice first flash.


Not bad, room for improvement

I must say that wasn't to bad for a first flash, I enjoyed the idea of Gears Of War mixed with Madness. Improve a little on the detail , deaths and don't quite make it so fast, also add some sound effects and background music & it should be alot better. 3/5 5/10

Good Try!

Wow, Like other's said.. Super fast, no sound and the middle needed to be cleaned up a bit..

Slow down, take your time, and draw out the fights.. If your loader screen is any cred about how you can draw and work flash, your gonna do good.. Just make the thing last three minutes.. That's your goal..

I hate you! Why won't you die!

Just kidding, but like all the others had said: It was just way to fast. Also you can get sounds from Newgrounds itself, so you can pick all the explosions for your grenades; gunshots for your weapons; and dropping from well whatever! You did your best to make the characters detailed, but the animation of it dropping through the ground, would well explain it. So would the explosion animation from that grenade. For a first timer you did ok. *Gives a 5*

ahhhh! too fast

my brain pretty much exploded from the break neck speed of this thing. but from what i saw, i can say you have a good start. slow it down by half, add some sound. (gunfire, explosions, monster noises and BGM), and then add more to the story. you could probably use an introduction somewhere to set up what we're about to see. but hey, for your first animation, its not bad. keep working at it. i mean, Gears of Madness is a pretty badass idea. with a little work, the actual thing could be equally badass.

A solid start

I like how you do your animations. However, they could go a little smoother and sound would greatly assist the flash. Still, a good piece of work for a first flash.

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1.99 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2010
6:35 PM EDT