Interactive Rifles v1.3

June 13, 2010 –
September 6, 2018
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Author Comments

SINGLE FIRE: Just click the trigger like normal
AUTOMATIC FIRE: Press and hold down the "Space" key.

***UPDATED TO V1.3***
Added Browning BAR
Some other general info.

-Check my news posts for latest updates if you care, I will be updating the game every now and then with fix's and new features and new weapons.

Eh, its not really all that. You get 10 Guns to choose from to interact with. I did all the gun artwork and coding and animations and stuff like that. You'll get some good fun out of this for a while.


I may know some reloading may not be correct. Like wither you pull the pin first and take out the clips or take out the clips then pull the pin after you put a clip in ect. But if you dont know how to reload, then play moar counter strike.

Basically, Pull the bolt (click the bolt or the shell chamber)
Then click the clips
Then afterward click the bolt or chamber again to finish.


Why? Can't even shoot the guns on a range at some targets.

nice game!

hope you update it soon!

Nice idea, The M1 Garand and the Carabiner 98 curz Don't works :/ Can u FIx IT ?

Got info, realism, sound effects, animations, honestly I think the ultimate gun working mechanics you could make would have probably a firing mode control (you already made safety on the glock, loved that, maybe add like semi-auto, burst fire, automatic, etc for whats appropriate) And maybe adding some click n drag functionality as opposed to just click. Of course I have no idea how hard that would to set up in Action Script, but if possible it'd kick ass.

i agree with noah48632 and i play this game every day and its like my daily game and thanks to you i know the mechanisms of guns thnx :3

i love this game i play it everyday

as a gun nut myself, i liked being able to toy around. afew extra features would be nice, ala selector switch for safety, single, burst, and auto-for the weapons that apply

You should of put the thomson SMG into the game that would be awsome.

However, it could have been cleaner. Could been a a bit more professional. Maybe a better layout too.
The music was a nice touch.

Errr... I think this should have an M42, though it is an excellent game! Wow, not to be pico...ish, but.. WOOT!!! ALL MY 5 R BELONG TO THIS!
Graphics - 8
Realistic - 9
Epicness - 11 (:o It broke the epic meter :o :o :o)
Wisdom - 100 (O.K. The meter of wisdom is definetly broken now ._.)
And... LOLWTFMUDKIPS FTW!!! =D. You are the best game maker i have ever seen on all of NG. Also... You owe me some money for my broken meters! :C.

And the AK102 appears in MGS4 and MGO ( both games for PS3 )

on the ak-102,the fire selector switch was on safety.It was completely up.And the ak-47's fire selector switch was on semi automatic.But ovarall,i liked it

i don't usually review on things but i really liked this so i just had to say how much i liked it :D i would really like to see you make more of them, it would be awesome, keep up the good work.

For a version 1 not too bad. However, it is still bad. While I will give you props for your illustrations, some of the gun mechanics are just plain shoddy, such as the fact that the bolts on bolt action guns must be lifted before they are pulled back, the fact that you don't pull the charging handle on the M4 but rather push the forward assist which as previously mentioned, is used for clearing jams. Also, some of your facts, not so straight, most glaring being that the M1 Garand fires a .30-06 round, not a .30 round. Also, the MP40, in addition to not belonging in a game entitle Interactive Rifles, has the spent casings coming from a non existent ejector port, the real port is right above the magazine and is that black oval that you bothered to draw without putting to use.

All in all, a good v1.0, and I hope to see some upgrades in the game itself as time goes by. Other than that, good job.

Graphics: 8/10
Mechanics: 4/10
Gameplay/Controls: 5/10
Audio: 8/10

Overall: 6/10

ok 1 thing your ak-47 is drawn wrong u drew a ak-74u not an ak-47 and we use the m16 spec ops use the m4

it would be awesome if you could have:

-pistols would be nice
-a shooting range feature
-sniper rifles.
-rocket launchers
- practice on dummies to show damage

just a few ideas! :D

Many points have already been made so I won't need to state everything..

M1 Garand
30-06 not .30 the Gunny would pistol whip your ass
It was specifically issued to US military, but sometimes other Allies would pick one up or get a crate in a pinch. Its also a weapon worshipped by the Marines.
The original magazine only held 5 rounds, the 8 round mag came later on. Also made by a Canadian gunsmith from whom it gets its name

A fine rifle, no real comment.

Is used by militaries all over the world and by militia and terrorists all over as well. Also most terrorist groups have trouble getting authentic well made AKs, its not as easy as TV would make you think.

I know it exists (nice choice of obscure firearm) but you should show the AK74u or even AN94 (used by US special forces) with GP25 40mm grenade launcher

Does not belong in a game called interactive "RIFLES", why not add an HK MP5 SD2 or P90 or Thompson , or Vector. Although the MP5 would be the most acceptable of those

If you have two AKs why not an M16A2 which commonly use 7.62 NATO

Steyr-77 more commonly uses 7.62, so I would've used that but more of a comment than a correction there. You might also want to mention its extensive use in Die Hard. Also its use by european Spec Ops and its bull-pup design.

Well, only because you submitted this for scrutiny....thats not a M4A1. A1 Variants had non detach carry handles. But I see you already addressed that.

Would also like to see a FA feature and maybe a teardown or minor disassembly feature.

To the previous comment: Yes you can load a single round in a Garand, its just a pain in the ass. Just make sure your thumb is out of the way.

Nice effort. Keep up the good work.

-You can't strip a single round on a Garand
-The bolt on a Garand is a 'rotating' bolt. Go look it up.
-The method to rack the bolt on an 'm4' is via the charging handle, not the forward assist.

Other than that... Yay go guns.

Add More Weapons! (Rocket Launcher Shotgun grenade handguns).
Add Sound when empty guns trigger is pulled.
Add Full auto and ajustable stocks/silencers.

Really Awesome thing but need Moar Guns und Moar Interactivity ;D

It was good you should be able to shoot them or something atleast otherwise it was good detail

i liked this a lot
heres what would make this a lot better
1.) more guns!!
2.) make it so you can touch anything that can be touched on the real gun (like semi auto, full auto, adjustable stock)
3.) but a shotgun in this bad boy!

that would make this super awesome!!

But the rifles should be automatic like the M4, Mp40 Stg-77 Etc.

I suppose it was an alright concept, could use some more features (switching fire modes, reloading mid magazine). Also i noticed a few sounds seemed to be from Counter Strike: Source (The Karbiner98 sounded like a scout from said game, and the Mp40 sounded very similar to the Mac10 reloading sounds. M4A1 definitely used the same reloading sounds as the in-game counter part). So you should probably credit valve for the sounds that were used from that game.

Also when manually ejecting the cartridge on the M4A1, no cartridge actually is shown ejecting.

Overall good for a V1.0 but keep working on it.

but with the machine guns can you make it so you can hold down the trigger in stead of every gun being a single shot thingy :/

but you should find a way to do automatic weapons and you should add a firing range and wepon attachments as well as the ability to take the whole gun apart in which i really havent seen a game like that to actually every part inside and outside of a gun

faved it.it is awesome.

its just sad that there are so less you need to make more

ON your Kar98, the bolt handle doesn't lift, it just pulls straight back, which is not how a bolt action rifle works. The M4 is just all sorts of wrong, the charging handle is on the top, not on the side, what you have being pulled is a completely different part of the weapon.

Also, no reloading mid clip. Bad reloading methods. No automatic fire. Meh, all around. Decent enough pictures, but other than that... keep on working.

Only thing I see missing is some reload animations.

The automatic guns weren't so automatic :/

Moreso, the actual concept or whatever was interesting.

This is a very interesting thing! The only suggestion: make more details available to interact with: for example, make the switch between single shots and rapid fire on AK series switchable. There are also such details as cleaning instruments that are hidden in the stock. Also, the ability to take those rifles apart and see what they're made of would be quite educational.

alot of these guns are either fully or semi automatic, so shooting one bullet at a time is kind of... well unrealistic. You should keep that in mind when you make the next one. Again pretty good, nice job with the animation and the coding. 3/5 5/10

Not too bad, I was a little disappointed that you couldn't move the extendable/folding stocks. Also I suggest you do a little more research on the weapons you showcase because the operation is wrong on some most glaringly the M4, the thing you are pulling as the charging rod is actually to clear jams, the charging rod is a t shaped handle under the rail. Also i expected to be able to remove full clips on the AK's by using the clip release which you sortof ignored. It's not that big of a deal but anyone who has spent time in the military might be annoyed by the oversight, you can just youtube videos of the guns in action to get proper operation of them. All in all not bad just a few points to think about for an updated version.

I like this type of interactive game but try adding mode weapons in the future soon for this. Great game still. :)

The guns all seemed to be pretty acurate and the art wasn't bad. But, I do wish you could also shoot automatic.


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3.57 / 5.00